No Time For Regrets

I have a big smile on and maybe giggling a little as I type this sentence… Only because I’m here, blogging again! Ha! Ok, so the habit’s clearly been built. And I’m gonna write when I want to write rather than sit and lose momentum and not want to write about that something again. And regret it later. I’m no longer putting a time frame on posts and life for that matter.

Yes… Life. Has no time frame. You really never know when you’re gonna take your last breath. You really never know when’s the last time you’re gonna walk on the Face of this Planet again.

Waking up at 6.30AM this morning to hear that Paul Walker died, actually hurt. I was a huge fan. Loved his movies, loved his personality, and damn he was HOT! Look at that… Already a switch in language. Talking about him in the past tense. But it’s not shocking. It may seem ironic, but it’s about living in extremes. Living between a fantasy and a nightmare and no longer knowing the difference.

My Twitter and Facebook status read “Really 2013… You haven’t been the best of years. But the biggest lesson you’ve taught is… How short life really is. #RIPPaulWalker”

I had that wake up call after Westgate.

After losing friends, after having friends injured, after people leaving the country and never wanting to come back to Kenya, after being so close to death, that eerie feeling that I’m gonna die today…

There’s literally no time to sit down and regret stuff.

There shouldn’t be anything like regret. As a teenager, there’s a bunch of stupid decisions you may have made, and sit down and regret it now… But why do you? When you were in that moment, in that particular time, you were HAPPY about it and didn’t think of anything else but that. You can’t regret something that made you happy for that moment.

I’m not saying, do drugs because it makes you feel happy, get drunk because it makes you feel happy… Don’t be stupid. You know what I’m talking about.

It’s the little things…

That guy who’s so damn good looking, go over there and kiss him.

That girl who’s standing by herself at the bus stand, go and talk to her.

That old lady who’s ran out of change, help her with that small bill at the till.

That old man who’s walking by himself on the road, give him a ride to his home.

That young boy who’s just had his ball flattened, get him a new ball.

Nothing makes me happier than making someone else smile. Feels like an achievement.

Achievements. I was thinking to myself, haven’t done anything worth calling “achieved” this year. And my friend, if he wasn’t online but in front of me, would have probably back-head-slapped me for saying that, as he pointed out what I HAVE achieved this year. That was me feeling regretful for not achieving anything. I am still learning as well.

Life is the biggest lesson. Everything that comes along with it is just a form of extra classes or tuition. That’s how we become wise.

Wisdom. Comes a long way. The day you realize that your friends only hang out with you because your father’s a loaded mother fudger, owns a club etc, so you can spend however much money you want to spend, drive whatever car you wanna drive, treat people the way you want to treat em, asking people “do you know who I am?” and act like the world is yours and you are untouchable will be your wake up call. That’s the day when all veils will be lifted, the day you will realize that money is not everything. The day you will be human. When you find yourself bleeding after a robbery. When everything’s gone. You’ve left the world. And left everything and everyone behind. You’re alone. In a box. Who are you now?

I re-watched the Bollywood flick Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara last night and it’s without a doubt one of the best life teaching movies I’ve ever watched.

“Seize the day my friend.”

Get your bucket list on the roll, start ticking stuff off. You don’t need anyone with you to do stuff. Some of the most amazing things are experienced alone. Some you can’t speak of. You just feel them.

Enough with “I’m not going to the movies alone, I’ll look like a loser”. The fact that your friends don’t want you to go watch that particular movie with you in the first place is your friends indirectly telling you that you already are a loser. Sod that and go watch the damn movie alone. What if you end up sitting next to some hot girl who’s in the same situation as you?

Do what you want to do. Don’t be afraid to do something just because you’re scared of what people are going to say about you. People will judge you no matter what. So make it worthwhile.

Life’s too short, way too short to sit down and regret thing. There’s no time for regret. Live life to the max. Whether it’s within your budget or not. Things always fall into place. Things always work out. You’ve got to believe it. You’ve got to believe in yourself and appreciate every given moment knowing that this moment may actually be your last. So make it an epic one!