Portal Reloaded


Something “common” like Astronomy wasn’t taught to me when I was in school. My mum would get books around Astrology, Numerology and the like, and I would pick them up at home and read too. Then we had that awesome TV show turn up on our screens, BIG BANG THEORY. That’s where I first heard about the concept Quantum Loop. But I never dove deep into it all until recently.

Ever since I can remember, I have been fascinated by the sky. And even more so since I lost count of how many shooting stars I saw in Zanzibar during my most transformational trips in November of 2018.

With the world on lockdown, you can’t beg to think that we are in a New Age War. We spoke of World War 3 for the longest time and alas, ladies and gentlemen, it is here.

Coronavirus aka COVID-19 was spoken of YEARS AGO. Bill Gates spoke of it; showed up in an Asterix comic book; The Simpsons. So, to say that Coronavirus came from someone having BAT SOUP? SURE! I’ll believe that Patient Zero in Wuhan spread it to 5 million people who traveled in and out of China since November 2019 (waving sarcasm flag).

It’s sad, and painful, to hear of people dying around the world from a virus that has no cure. It’s keeping families and friends way from each other. It basically feels like that game we played… The hypothetical situation one: “If you were stuck on an island, what are the 3 things you would take with you?” Maybe we should have been asking: “if you get stuck in the middle of a pandemic, who are the 3 people you’d quarantine with?” (I chose my family).

We’re in a time where we get to stay at home. Either with family, a partner or your best friend(s). Even better, if alone. Not out there on the fields getting blown up by bombs like Palestine, Syria, Iraq and Iran. Be grateful we don’t have missiles coming down on us. This is a time to reflect. Ponder upon on things you normally wouldn’t. Understand yourself better. Learn things about you that you didn’t know. OPEN THE JOHARI WINDOW!


I read somewhere on the Twittersphere that your body is not a Temple, or a Mosque or a Church. As you have to physically walk into these places of WORSHIP. Well, whoever that was… You’re right. BUT you missed the main point…

You have to go WITHIN YOURSELF to DISCOVER YOURSELF. When you eat right, get the nutrients your body needs, drink your 8 glasses of water a day, move your body with yoga or exercise or simply doing house chores. MEDITATE. Quiet your mind and give it a break from all the screens (do that after reading this!). Shut your mind off from all the overthinking. Take a nap. Your body IS a Temple. Take care of it and yourself.

Researchers are suspecting that your December flu could have indeed been the Coronavirus. I was out for 5 weeks! I was hit with the worst cough I have ever experienced. It kicked in on 26th December and lasted till around the 1st of February. I kept saying that the cough wasn’t normal. At first I thought maybe it’s tar leaving my lungs but when you look at what the virus looks like, perhaps the black-ish stuff was the virus, glued to each other, coming out with the mucus building up (Or MAYBE it was just a bad cough). I stayed home for all those weeks. Wouldn’t really leave my room. Read books after books. Only went out to host my Open Mic Night’s on Wednesday’s. My brother got the cough and so did his friends, so it for sure did go around early January.

But, I can’t help but wonder what is truly being hidden from us?

People dying in massive numbers due to the virus is unusual, people dying in general, isn’t. As awful as this may sound (truth always hurts) we’re gonna die anyway. Whether you get hit by a truck, struck by lightning or the virus gets you. It’s gonna happen.

So can we relax a little bit? Take care of ourselves? Appreciate what we have? Show love to those we care about? Look outside of the box and pay attention to what they’re asking us NOT to pay attention to? Like all the conspiracy theories actually being the truth.


A crazy thing happened in Nairobi on Wednesday, 15th April 2020, around 5.20PM. I was broadcasting LIVE on Choice.Radio with my co-host Kace. We were in the middle of our discussion for the day. The last 2-3 weeks we’ve been focusing a lot on mental health. This week we were chatting about how physical health helps with mental health and spoke with Shiv Simani, a Crossfit Level 1 Trainer and a Social Media Influencer, about the benefits of moving your body while in quarantine.

The next call was to be with Sapna Chandaria, an Intuitive Energy Healer and Empowerment Coach. That’s when the lights went out. And she messaged me to say she was driving home and saw a massive blue flash and then we went off air, silence on her radio. Only a few minutes later to find that our mast had fallen off the roof. Within minutes, my brother, Riz, sends me a time-lapse video of trees and a bill board collapsed after that lightning and thunder, during the windiest rains we’ve ever witnessed.

I’ve had pilot friends, and Global Warming Activists/Supporters say it was an Act of God/Mother Nature doing its thing. Well yeah… Of course it was. We super charged that strike, though.

Think about it:

  • We’re all inside, on our phones, laptops, TV’s.
  • The air is crisp, clean and clear that you can clearly see Mount Kenya and Kilimanjaro FROM NAIROBI!
  • We’re using more electricity than we normally would.
  • We’re using the internet than we normally do.
  • There are more people going LIVE on all social media platforms
  • Google just launched balloons in the Kenyan air space for better use of internet.
  • Elon Musk’s grand idea of launching thousands of satellites in Space for better internet.
  • 5G about to launch
  • Cloud seeding

The list can go on.

Having all this in mind, and a predicted forecast of rain and thunder for this week, that sort of force was bound to happen. It’s science. It’s physics. It’s chemistry. Geography. Stuff we learnt in school.

When we complain that schools don’t teach us about life after we get out of the Education System, that they brainwash us from Kindergarten to High School teaching us stuff like Algebra… That you’ve never had to use all that you learnt in your life… Now do you see that we were being prepared for a pandemic? Isn’t understanding the Coronavirus biology?

Side Note: Perhaps our “leaders” never knew how to explain why they were getting laptops in public schools, when in actuality, it was to teach our young ones I.T. (And now look, we’re all online)!

I’m no expert. Call me crazy, tell me I got abducted by aliens because of how openly I speak about the Universe, my higher self, quantum leaping and all that hippie ish. I know whom I am. And I arrived not too long ago.

The 444 portal opened on 4th April 2020 and reopened on 13th April 2020. It adds up to 3, and 3 means rebirth.

So as you hibernate, isolate, quarantine, you are birthing a new self. The normal we knew no longer exists. And the faster you accept that, the easier it will be for you to transition into the new realm.

PS. This DOESN’T mean you go ahead and do whatever you want. I protect you, you protect me. Stay Home and Save Lives. We need to flatten the curve until a cure/vaccine is found. Until then, stay home and work on you.


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