Beyond Human Control

Rainy Nairobi. Pic by Ashish Gajjar
Rainy Nairobi. Pic by Ashish Gajjar

Heaters are out, woolies are out, boots and brolly’s are out! It’s cold and rainy most days in Nairobi. I seem to have forgotten whether December’s usually meant to be cold or not. But from what I read on Twitter and Facebook, it’s a little unusual.

I remember when in school, we knew the weather schedule. When our summer, long rains and short rains were. Now it’s just unpredictable.

Pyramids of Giza covered in snow
Pyramids of Giza covered in snow


woke up on Friday, 13th December 2013 to see snow on the streets of Cairo for the first time in their lifetimes.

I remember when we read in the papers about snow in Nyahururu, Kenya a couple if years ago. Locals playing in the snow. It was fascinating!

They call it “Global Warming”.

Not many know this but the world goes through cycles where Forests turn into Savanna then Deserts and vice versa every thousands of years.

A waterfall in The Amazon Rainforest, Brazil

The Amazon is suspected to have been 16000 years. The cycle may have shortened, seeing that they’re now  going through deforestation they’re trying to preserve what they can of The Amazon and all species living there.

Lake Naukuru has risen so high.

Lake Baringo Country Lodge, Under Water
Lake Baringo Country Lodge, Under Water, Kenya

Water’s gotten up till the entrance. Roads used for transportation are under water and new routes were created so people can move on. Lake Baringo’s quite literally under water. Robert’s Camp and Lake Baringo Country Lodge are perfect examples.

So when you hear of “Global Warming”, the ice melting and causing high sea levels and The Amazon coming to an extinct, it’s only taking its natural course.

It only worries us humans because it’s the 1st time this generation/century is experiencing the rapid changes. Whereas it’s happened before.

It’s all scientific to some extent. If you have a chat with someone who’s in the meteorological department of countries that have proper resources, they will confirm how many hundreds or thousands of years ago such a situation may have occurred before.

Recently volcanoes erupted in 7 different parts of the world. One after the other over a period of days (Source Collective… Evolution).

1. Possibly the most impressive eruptions took place in Italy at Mount Etna.

2. About 7,000 miles away in Mexico, the Colima volcano began erupting after a period of relative calm.

3. Guatemala’s ‘Fire Mountain’ also saw increased activity as the mountain spewed lava and an ash cloud causing ash to litter the streets and houses of nearby towns.

4.  Indonesia was home of Mount Sinabung which also erupted causing a four mile high ash cloud to spew into the air which made life difficult for citizens in the area.

5. Also in Indonesia, on the island of Java, Mount Merapi erupted.

6. In Vanuatu, the Yasur volcano began raising concern as weak explosions from the volcano began sending ash down onto nearby farmland.

The new island of Niijima at Nishino-shima, south of Japan, seen on November 21, 2013
The new island of Niijima at Nishino-shima, south of Japan, seen on November 21, 2013

7. On November 21st, a submarine eruption just off the coast of Nishino-Shima Island, Japan has erupted for the first time in 40 years. This gave birth to a new island in the pacific ocean.

All this happened between the 17th and 21st of November 2013.

It’s Mother Nature’s way of throwing, literally, things back into momentum. Bringing a balance back to Earth. As humans try all they can to play against it. Test it. Tease it. To fulfill desires and break records for recognition in the name of science or faith.

Elephants going extinct. What about the red-snapper? What about species in the desert? The only reason humans are giving so much attention to species like elephants and rhino’s is because they are massive, and stand out and easily visible to us.

I’m not saying don’t try to save them, yes, preserve them, breed them, let our grand kids be able to see them. But how long will we carry on for? Have you ever seen a dinosaur? Have you ever seen a dodo?

There are some things that are beyond human control.

I think for once, it would be best if humans stopped playing God and let nature be. Everything is happening for a reason. To evolve and turn into greater things.