Conversations are so important. It’s how you gage whether the human being you’re interacting with is at your wave length or not. Intellectual compatibility. And there’s nothing wrong with not being at the same wave length. We all have different backgrounds, life experiences and age plays a role too.

One of my best friends, Ritesh, and I had an amazing conversation recently and he said something to me that sat with me for the rest of the evening and now as I write this.

“Energy never dies”.

We learnt this in school, in physics. That energy never dies. You can create energy, any kind of energy and it never dies. I didn’t realize how phenomenal those 3 words were until Ritesh said it.

It’s been a year or more since my thoughts, beliefs and rules have shifted. I “feel” a lot. I don’t judge people, but if I don’t like your “energy”, I keep away. Same way, if I love your energy, I’ll make an effort to spend more time with you.

Energy can be a feeling, an emotion, a thought, a thing, even your soul. Hence they emphasize so much on protecting your mind. Thinking and being positive. When energy is released, it doesn’t disappear. It remains, somewhere in the universe. It will always be there. That’s also where the concept of manifestation comes from.

When you focus on something, you’re putting your “energy” into it. Which eventually is sent out into the universe, and, depending on your energy, can manifest within hours, days sometimes even years.

It’s how I feel about crystals and stones. They come from the Earth and everything that comes from the Earth, has some form of energy. So the benefits that come with wearing and carrying crystals that suit your energy, have amazing benefits to us.

It’s kinda amazing now that I come to think of it – like, my mind literally blew when Ritesh said “Energy never dies”. Which is silly because we’ve always known this. When you turn spiritual and look back at lessons that were taught in school, they were definitely preparing you for bigger things in life.

Choose your energy. Shift your energy. Create the energy you want. You’ll see and feel the difference and it’s really amazing!