Day 3 – #NaBloPoMo

The plan should’ve been Turkana. Even spoke about it over the Mashuja weekend with a bunch of friends. But well, there’s this thing called work and budget that wouldn’t quite allow a long travel.

Yet little did we know, that it would be visible in Nairobi as well.

The Hybrid Total Solar Eclipse.

That’s not the point though. It’s about the travelling. The long scenic drives. The dusty roads and air. The barbecue’s in the middle of nowhere, just being away from the craziness of Nairobi and of course enjoy the company.

Instead, I was in the cold XFM studio running downstairs after every link just to see if the eclipse had started.

And it had. Just a little after 4PM.

I carried my sunglasses, but it sure as hell didn’t help. The sun was unbelievably bright. I’ve stared at the sun several times before, today was just unusually bright.

2 hours of running up and down to witness one of histories most amazing moments.

While in the studio, I was watching it on television as well. And the presenter was reading tweets and one caught my attention:

“Foreigners and some locals have travelled all the way to Turkana to watch something for 15 seconds #FirstWorldProblems”

No sweetheart… You’ve got problems.

Thing is, this was a one in 150 years moment! We’ll never be able to witness a Hybrid Total Solar Eclipse again. Other eclipse’s will keep on happening.

That tweet bugged me so much because it reminds you of how people think. I emphasise on the fact that you need to appreciate the smaller things in life in order to be grateful and thankful for when the big stuff happens. You have to have cried a little bit to know what happiness feels like. Or freeze your ass off for a few weeks before you feel that first ray of sunshine on your face.

Nature is so amazing. You’re tied and bound to the city (if you’re born in the city) from the day you take your first breath. And to be able to discover that the true meaning of life and be able to connect with the fact that nature is all there really is, is just something incredible.

You go back to the Earth once you die. So why not appreciate it now? While you’re alive? And take care of it as well because one day, one final day, that will be your home?

I just thought it was stupid to call someone who has an interest in astronomy, or a passion for travelling or an interest in the solar eclipse itself as a First World Problem.

I’m also pretty sure that even if we knew that it could be witnessed from Nairobi, people would STILL have gone up to Turkana to witness the eclipse. It was clearer skies there anyway and you get to meet so many new people in one of Kenya’s most booming areas!

Here’s to back-packing, jiko cooking and nature loving life moments!


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