Take Care Of Yourself, First

I de-clutter often. And I feel it’s very necessary. Just like how we take the trash out every other day, I go through my things and thoughts just as often and get rid of things I don’t touch or use anymore and cut out feelings (sometimes people) that I feel don’t serve me anymore.

Many may see it as mean, rude and selfish, but you’re allowed to be selfish. Remember, YOU come first. If you don’t take care of yourself, how else can you take care of someone else? Even a loved one?

It’s something I’ve only just come to realize and started to actually do now though.

Always being concerned about what others think and feel. Taking care of their emotions and neglecting yours. Always being careful with what you say to someone just to protect them from your thoughts. That’s not being honest with them, and especially not yourself.

I come across countless quotes and memes and thoughts off late that focus so much on mindfulness and I never took it seriously when friends constantly told me “take care of your mind”. And now it makes complete sense.

Take care of yourself, first.