Acne Is Not The End of The World

I’ve never really believed in wearing full on make up. I only wear lip gloss and eye-liner. I find wearing foundation odd. It feels almost plastic, and besides, it never really makes you look like you! You’re either too bright or look like a ghost and maybe on a good day, makes you look fresh. But you can still tell someone’s wearing foundation.

I was 17 when I got acne. And it was hard for me. My entire face was oozing with puss and red spots. Active acne has got to be the worst. Not only that, you start losing hair. The dermatologist suggested I cut my hair a little shorter. Eventually the acne got to my back and upper arms and chest area. It was such a depressing time.

Doctors and doctors, medication and treatments. For years it just wouldn’t go away. I used to hate looking at myself in the mirror. I was so embarrassed of the way I looked that I would hide my face behind my hair, and that’s the worst thing you could do.

The chemicals in shampoos and conditioners remain in your hair to nourish your hair, but it attacks your face if it comes in contact. Hence, aggravating the acne.

I would cry my eye out every night. I would hate it when people would look at my oozing face and not into my eyes when speaking to me. Or when someone would make a comment or suggest what I should do about it. And I would dislike peoples views and opinions because I’m thinking, I’ve done everything possible. Stopped chocolates, drinking liters and liters of water. Changing my diet. But it wouldn’t stop.

I tried every product and nothing would work.

Eventually I found a local dermatologist who sorted me out. The consultation didn’t cost as much, considering the trips were every 3 weeks. All she did was put me on Vitamins and gave me ointments. Not creams. Not medication.

I can’t remember when it cleared up. But I remember being the happiest person alive when my face was only left with scars and not oozing pussed up pimples.

The scars eventually faded away and now when I get pimples, it’s not a big deal. It’s just ONE that comes and goes in 3-4 days.

I see young girls go through something similar, and I can’t help but butt in because I know what it feels like.

It’s about the little tricks and tips that make the difference and if someone doesn’t tell them, who will?

Despite being in a modern world and having “I know it all” Mothers, sometimes, the last person you want to speak to is your mother and so you turn to an outsider or a doctor. Sometimes, home remedies don’t work. And sometimes the answer is something as simple as “just let it be”. As difficult and heart breaking as it may sound, it reaches a point where you just can’t do anything about it anymore.

Or maybe not.

Yes drink plenty of water. Easy on the sugar. Quit the fizzy drinks. Don’t touch your face. Don’t blow the pimple (You’d be amazed how it really helps not doing so!). Exercise. BREATHE! Get some fresh air during the day. And most importantly and without fail you MUST:

1.) Wash your face day and night

2.) Cleanse and tone your face before bed.

3.) Moisturize your face!

It doesn’t matter how oily your skin is. YOU HAVE TO MOISTURIZE!

I came across The Acne Skin Site a couple of years ago and they have some great stuff on there that does help and make a difference! I feel their Twitter page has more fun tips and on the go stuff than the site which I personally tend to use and do at times as well.

I watched this today

and felt the need to speak about my skin issues.

If you wear make up because it makes you feel good, then do so. But also, don’t overuse make up that you look like plastic.

Women are held at such high pedestals by the media and in the eyes of men as well. What we see on TV is NOT reality. It’s a desire the digital world has created and it’s killing “real beauty”. We’re losing young girls to a delusion. We’re losing young ladies to drugs and alcohol. We’re losing women to a trend that has no real satisfaction in the end. We’re losing families because men want something that’s unreal.

Can I just bust your eyes right now so you now what exactly I mean by what you see on TV is really UNREAL! Click on this link. You’re welcome.

Look, nobody is perfect and no one should thrive to become perfect either, because when you go out of your way to become something you aren’t merely close to, you destroy that charm and you insult others along with it. You lose yourself in the fakeness of life and you lose those you love along with it.

You have skin issues, so what? What about people who have cancer and have no hair left after all the insane treatments?

Which sort of also brings me back to the no make up selfies women have been posting for the past 2 weeks “in aid” of cancer patients. I mean sure, cool campaign, but what difference exactly have you made aside getting 100 likes and comments saying that you look pretty without make up? The entire purpose of the campaign got lost. You want to make a difference, cut your locks off and donate it to charity, use your credit card to donate to a reputable Cancer Foundation Center than getting your weekly manicure done.

There’s so much to be grateful and thankful for. You just need to realize it.

Rock that pretty face with a smile, trust me. You’ll feel even more beautiful!