Open Up

Human beings, we can be so stuck in our ways sometimes and other times so open minded and ready and willing to change our thought process for the sake of our own sanity.

But then you’re reminded of what feelings are, what touch is, what soul is, what happiness is, what dancing in the rain feels like, what sharing with others feels like, what not having a friend in your life anymore feels like.

Part of society now asks us to be strong and independent and live free and do what you want to do. To step out of the conforms of religion and rules of life set by people who don’t walk on Earth anymore or those who are older and know better.

And on the extreme end, they’re are asking you to kneel, and pray and set yourself straight in the path of good and living for an energy that is beyond us. Who created us.

But wow, we all bleed, we all take dumps, we all love, we all care, we all cry, we all laugh, we all brush our teeth, we all have meals, we all do the same damn thing.

So why? Why do we have to hide how we feel? What we want? What we do? Who we do? Why do we have to be careful with what we say to others, just because we’re afraid of offending them? Isn’t your opinion yours and them being offended is their problem?

Why do we have to control feelings and emotions and thoughts and actions?

Kindness, humbleness, generosity… Never hurt anyone and goes a long freaking way!

And the free thinkers and free spirited, enlightened folk, hipsters and spiritual beings are judged for not following the norm of society.

YET, society is flawed and expect us to follow their hypocritical ways?

Do what you want – it’s about what makes you happy and comfortable.

Letting someone know how you feel about whatever, takes off that weight from your shoulders. If they know, so what? Even better, that way you know where you stand after and can stop wasting time over them or invest in time with them.

Open up and express yourself. It only helps you become clearer and focused with yourself.

Ok, rant over.