Time Is A Valuable Thing

Why are we in such a hurry these days?

We’re in a rush to leave the office, to beat traffic and make it for that evening plan. We’re rushing to the airport to catch that flight. We’re running late because something came and now that’s making you panic and eventually you’ll be rushing to that thing. We’re in a hurry to grow up. We’re in a hurry for the relationship to get to the next level. We’re in a hurry to see the money turn from 100 to 10,000. We’re just in a constant rush.

And this is where we fuck up. We never really stop and take a breath and look around and just absorb everything that is around us.

Your kid’s waiting for you to finish your work, so you can help him with his homework or swing that bat. Your girlfriend’s waiting for that text, while you finish your training. Your husband’s waiting for you to put your laptop away, so you two can talk. Your friend’s going through a rough time, and he’s waiting for someone to reach out to him, instead of you crying over how you didn’t get 10 new followers on Instagram today.

I believe, because everything is accessible to us these days, we’re more aware of time and more oblivious to how we spend it.

Everything electronic these days is able to tell you the time. Your iPad, phone, laptop, fridge, TV etc. These devices are also how you choose to communicate and entertain yourself.

And because we’re so aware of it, we notice how much faster time flies. You chat with a friend on Skype and wonder when the last time you spoke was. You’re catching up with your favorite TV show on Netflix, and can’t believe a new season’s already out! And then wonder what did you in that time that you didn’t stop to think it’s been that long since…

I mean, we’re in April already! 15 years ago, we would still say “oh man, this year flew by”, but in 2018 it’s like “WTF? I haven’t even started my year yet! Time! Slow down.” Nah mate, you need to slow down.

It all comes down to planning. To be on time for that thing you’re rushing to after work; get up earlier, so you have extra time in the day, instead of stressing out.

“But Sadia, there’s not enough time in the day”. Yes there is! You’re just sleeping through most of it!

I’m not gonna lie, I am NOT a morning person, and I tend to work so much better at night. So, most of the time, I plan all my work stuff at night, so I don’t freak out in the morning.

Time is a valuable thing. We all know that. But we take it for granted. Not advantage of it. The next thing you know, your folks are older, your friends are married, your nieces and nephews are your height now and you’ve got white pubes.

We still have less than 9 months of this year to go. Claim it! Make it stress-free and easy for yourself. Work hard and smart. Plan better and see how it all flips for you. Take the time to absorb what’s surrounding you and how it affects you. How’s your mental and physical health? Do you need a haircut? Do you need a new pair of shoes? Do you need to replace a few worn out shirts?

Wake up and make time for yourself.