Day 22 – #NaBloPoMo


What are friends? Who are friends?

I may have mentioned a category of friends in one of the last 21 posts. It’s actually something to ponder about.

Have you ever sat there and told yourself “I’m actually, really alone” not LONELY… But ALONE.

Being alone and lonely are both choices. It doesn’t happen to you. And in both situations, you can either be miserable or happy. Which is again, your choice.

As life goes on, you obviously grow older and wiser. And just like a tree, leaves wither away and new ones grow. Consider your friend as a leaf. They will eventually pass, or if you nurture them well enough, they will be around, in your life, for a long long while.

I may have said this before and may sound a little repetitive, but it’s something that seems to come up every now and then with a lot of people around me and I feel like it’s a necessity to talk about it and or maybe post about it. So that the point can get across.

It’s not about quantity, it’s about quality. You could have just one amazing friend or 100 who are just “there“.

If you work, and your line of work kinda forces you to network, then let your networking be completely about work.

I had the most shocking moment a weekend ago… A friend of mine introduced me to a table of family and friends of hers as “my friend who’s in the media“. And that got me thinking, when you introduce your friend to family and family friends, how do you introduce them? Or is it a privilege to have a friend who works in the media?

And that made me wonder… Am I a friend or a trophy?

Either way… Evaluate whom you spend your time with, whom you let into your life. Remember, that it’s OK to cut people off and it’s OK to not let people in. It’s your life, and your values and your boundaries. And NO ONE is allowed to cross them without your permission. Just like no one has the right over your emotions, except for yourself.

So choose your friends wisely and make sure, even if it’s ONE friend, it’s a friend who’ll be there for you no matter what!


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