Day 7 – #NaBloPoMo

It’s just about an hour to midnight and I just realized I haven’t done today’s post! Crossed my mind twice earlier today but just been so caught up with stuff!

My internet’s alive again! At least! Got tired of using my phone for everything online related (says this as she types off from her phone in bed!).

I feel like I’ve had a flowing week with my writing. Something would happen and it would trigger a topic.

I got a very flattering comment from a good friend yesterday “Day 6 of your blog, it’s sounding more and more like sex in the city!!! It’s brilliant!!!!! Keep at it you need a column in the paper”

But nothing out of the ordinary happened today. No one pissed me off to inspire a post or nothing amazing I saw that made me go WOW! Actually no that’s a lie, a friend in Australia called Ash sent me a picture of his get-away place and my jaw dropped to the floor! GORGEOUS!

And incidentally I stumbled upon a blog post from Sleep Out Kenya.

A bucket list for when in Nairobi. I thought, this should be interesting! Shock on me. They listed 6 places to visit when in Nairobi. And I’ve only been to 3 of 6! What a shame!

Considering the fact that I’ve lived in Nairobi all my life, HOW have I never been to the Giraffe Centre? HOW have I never seen the Nairobi City Park in Parklands and HOW have I never been to the only other Ice Rink in Africa?!?!?!

We create bucket lists of places we want to go to, things we want to do, concerts we want to attend… But we never really think about let’s explore our city, our country.

I kinda see it happening off late now. Especially on Twitter. People Tembea’ing Kenya. Going to a location no one’s probably ever heard of or doing the typical and going to the coast.

But I like that.

I like that there are some individuals who aside traveling out of the country, are willing to and love discovering new things about where they are, where they live.

The history, the incredible stories behind a valley, a river, a mountain, a hill.

My Kenyan travel expeditions only started about a year ago. And the amount of stuff I’ve learnt since, has changed a lot for me. This will sound extremely obvious and maybe stupid to most, but these are things I honestly never knew.

Did you know that Ngong Hills were named by locals? Because Ngong means knuckles and the Ngong Hills look like knuckles?

Did you know that Africa is the only and last continent with full potential to split? Right through the centre? And the River Nile is the main point from where the split can occur?

Did you know that the Rift Valley is eventually going to disappear? It goes lower and lower every single year.

Basic things that I as a Kenyan SHOULD have known, was taught to me by a foreigner who’s lived in the country for just about 3 years.

Point is, we probably take stuff for granted. Not probably. We DO take stuff for granted. And we need to stop that. Stop and appreciate every single little thing in life. The air that you breathe. The songs that you sing. The insane traffic that you sit in everyday for hours. Your annoying boss. Your foolish friends. Your loving spouse. Your dumbass sibling. Your over-protective parents. All these things play such important roles in your life.

On a random phone call from a friend who was stuck in traffic today said “you know, we should be lucky that we’re stuck in traffic. These are rich man problems, there are people out there who have it far worse”. And that always does hit home.

We’re getting to 7 weeks since the Westgate siege (if you know me well, you know about my fixation with dates, so don’t jump to conclusions that I’m not over and need professional help) and it pushed me to a corner… A corner of faith, appreciation, gratitude.

Without these, it’s impossible to live a happy and content life. Happiness and love can only come from you and not any other source. If you have faith, if you’re grateful for everything, good and bad. Then abundance is at your door.

Life is beautiful. Embrace every single moment of it.


I’m taking part in the National Blog Posting Month! I’ve committed to posting something everyday till the 30th of November! Hope you enjoy the absolute random reads and would love feedback too! Feel free to drop a comment at the bottom.