Midnight Reality

Thoughts, illusions, illuminate my mind. The past and present, like a missing puzzle. Like there’s a void that needs to be filled, but cannot be touched nor felt nor seen. It’s like this moment of being stuck, and caught, and you have no idea by what. Like, heaven and Earth just kissed the sky and ripped your world apart. It’s like, no matter what you do, you cannot seem to get out of the loop. No matter what you do, it’s always going to be chasing you. Listening to this song reminds you of a time when things were so different, and you find yourself singing it now, thinking, not much of a difference. Like, a lot has changed in the last few years, but you’ve found yourself searching and searching, like it’s been lightening years. To find love, to find life, to find something that you can ignite. Like brick and ice, like water and the sun. Like, what you want is right there, but you’re tied to your seat, for reasons that are all worldly. What if you left everything behind. What if you felt nothing at all. What if all this is just a dream. And your reality is bigger than it seems. Like, the air that you breathe, or the water that you drink. What if, that moment when you met, is when your souls agreed, that you and I were meant to be. What if when the distance came between us, the darkness veiled us… Showing you that that is not the one to be. Or maybe you were veiled to begin with, and the darkness was a light in disguise, showing you a way through that tunnel. So far away, I sit under this tree, wondering and dreaming of a life that seems so ideal. The ideology of it all is what makes me want to scream. Scream for the peace, the light, the money. The material world that we all have perceived, a world that is filled with beliefs that were molded within us. To believe and succeed in a society that only feeds on greed. The greed for power, for wealth. Forgetting that health and loyalty and love is all that is really required. What ever happened to the times when a moment was cherished, not captured in a frame that you hold in your palm. What ever happened to when you could walk outside, without fearing the dark. Life is so incredible. The evolution is somewhat unbelievable. What you do next and how you do it, will be your final answer. Choose wisely for this may be the last time you lived in this illusion. Snap back to reality, there’s more to the world that you do not know of. Tap into that realm. You shall not regret it.