Moon Wars

Every single year we go through the Moon Wars. Muslims all around the start looking out for the moon and rely on social media, for someone somewhere saying they’ve sighted the moon so… Ramadhan Kareem or Eid Mubarak.

These one month a year Islamic scholars.

For 30 days a year, Muslims who drink – stop drinking. Those who don’t pray 5 times a day – start praying. Whatever it is that they’re not supposed to do generally, you know, because they’re Muslim, stop to repent and respect the month of Ramadhan. I was even told once by a friend that “you know you’re supposed to stop drinking alchol 40 days before Ramadhan or your Namaz is not accepted.”

It’s noble. It’s humbling. It’s cleansing. Which is great if you stop all together. But as soon as Ramadhan is over, they get back at it until the next Ramadhan.

Sorry I got sidetracked by my emotions and thoughts… 

So my dear one month a year Islamic scholars, you’ve read the Quran, you pray and are righteous so you should ALSO understand how the Moon Sighting works?

You see, way back in the day, when even your great great great grandfather wasn’t born, the Prophets we read about in the now books, didn’t have cell phones and the Internet to check if the moon has been sighted in Saudi Arabia, or Australia, or Jordan, Malyasia, the neighboring country. They had to wait in the city they were in, look up at the sky, and see the moon with their own eyes and know that it’s time to fast. They weren’t going to wait for a man to arrive on a camel traveling from Saudi Arabia all the way to Lebanon to tell them the moon has been sighted.

But of course as years have gone by, human beings have evolved and now do things that suit them best, for their own convenience. 
We’ve created an Islamic Calendar which is meant to GUIDE us, not dictate to us.

In actuality, if you’re a religious person and fast, you’re meant to wait to see the moon with your own eyes in the city you’re in. Not because Saudi Arabia said so. 

It’s pure logic.

Such a great way to prove that religion has lost its way and the world is following things blindly without reading history or facts.