A Different World

You meet people from all walks of life almost every single day. You’re working with them, living with them, studying with them or partying with them.

Fact is that you cannot even say that your family and you walk the same path because your parents walked their own life, and you too, in your own way, walk your own life. We’re all 100% different from one another even though we may be connected by genes and come from the same species.

Every single person has their own experiences. You could be in the same space with someone; just the two of you. But both of you are processing and seeing and experiencing completely different things. It could be similar and relatable but it’s not the same.

edumacationIn school we’re put into the same class with boys and girls of the same age – there’ve been times when some have had to repeat the class, some have even jumped classes. Intelligence and behaviour doesn’t always have to do with age.

What you see and hear every day and what understanding you have of it molds you into what you are going to be as you get older.

There’s no way that we can all be the same – even if you were cloned, that clone is not 100% you.

Yet society and people expect you to be a certain way and look a certain way.

What’s it going to take to beat that realm? What’s it going to take to open everyone’s eyes and make them realize that look… We’re all 100% different. What’s it going to take for us to just accept each other for what we are and who we are?

We’re torn down by race, religion, body image, politics and so much more.

It’s like we need a machine (like in The Kingsman movie but not for evil) where we are all brainwashed to love each other and accept each other and live happily together.

I guess it starts with you. It starts with one person trying to make a difference within their own neighbourhood and maybe, just maybe it will cause a ripple effect and the next thing we know, we’re all having a big fat orgy… I mean, party!

Be kind to people. It’s ridiculously rare. So rare that it really looks like one is flirting.

Let’s just be nice to one another and accept each other for what we are. Not just accept but also appreciate each other.