Adeus… 2017


My blog turned 7 years old in December and I just sat down and went through my yearly posts and laughed a little about HOW MUCH I used to share, to how I only highlight some parts of my life now.

Laugh with me through my years and you’ll understand me a little:

You’ll notice that in 2016 I only put up images with a caption and no deets of how the year was, and that was because I went through an awful phase of depression. I was going through things that not only people, but I couldn’t understand. But I tried. I tried so hard to still have a life and make my life work and do things I love. I eventually helped myself through it but it took a toll and crawled into 2017.

But let me tell you something about 2017… It’s been a year of growth & getting shit done.


My first solo trip to a beautiful island off the Kenyan shores, Lamu. It was nothing that I had ever imagined and it blew my mind. This trip taught me how to say no and how to just be. It allowed me to understand simplicity, minimalism and tolerance even further. I normally write posts after trips and this year I didn’t manage to write one, but here are a few pictures to give you an idea of the things I saw and experienced.

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I hit a dilemma, to go for Sauti Za Busara, or, stay in Nairobi for Kenya Nights first event of the year. I had never EVER missed a Kenya Nights show and it broke my heart to have done so. BUT, I got to go to Zanzibar for the first time and experience Africa in a new light. It started in a a horrific way: all my money and National ID was stolen, (no idea how and when it happened) but either way it was a lesson! Made new friends, connected with acquaintances on a higher level and even though it was a work trip, through it, I met some beautiful artists from around the world!

This trip taught me three things:

  1. Travel safer
  2. The value of money (again)
  3. There’s the right thing to do and what you want to do.

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A break to my favorite place in Kenya: Diani Beach. I came home to rethink life, cleanse, relax and start fresh. This trip was so special. I saw a shooting star for the first time, connected with old friends, made amazing new friends and left feeling so happy and relaxed.

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On this trip I realized I needed to get professional help. I felt myself going into a dip, similar to last year, so when I got back to Nairobi, I started seeing a therapist. We did some theory tests and it turned out that it wasn’t depression but PTSD from Westgate. The interesting part is that I HAD actually done the work after the attack, but 2 years later, I hit a wall and didn’t even know it.


Kenya Nights hosted Diplo and Walshy Fire for the second time and it was EPIC! We threw such an amazing show, that we had so much FOMO for the rest of the Africa tour! Riz went to Kampala and I went to Addis Ababa! Here are a few pics from the Nairobi show and slide through for my first time on Ethiopian soil.

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A month of new beginnings, and shutting hard chapters with people who taught me harsh lessons, which I am grateful for.

Kenya Nights brought down Basement Jaxx’s Felix Buxton for a wicked show at The Alchemist. The craziest thing about this show was: Felix had been to Kenya before and produced a track many years ago. So he wanted to shoot a video for that track. After his show on Friday the 12th, we shot an entire music video the next day at The Lake House in Tigoni. I’ll share that with y’all as soon as it’s out but here’s a short clip of the wild night at The Alchemist.


There’s something about May – August that makes me feel like it’s summer time in Kenya, even when it’s not, but there’s like universal good vibes going around that I can just feel. And I suppose that’s how I felt about June. Or maybe just because we knew Kenya Nights was hosting Mi Casa AGAIN! 😛 Here’s a tiny video from their performance mid-June.


I’d like to think this came from therapy: I started to get sick and tired of seeing people from my past and being uncomfortable with them being in the same space as me. So I went up to a number of people and just told them straight up: that bullshit happened 5-10 years ago (their fault or mine, didn’t matter at this point) and I think we can be civil when we’re out. I have no hard feelings and just wanna let it go, clear the air, so we’re not awkward toward each other and just have clean energy.

It surprisingly worked. I now see them out and about and we say hi to each other, I even got a few unexpected apologies (which was nice) and a few quick catch ups. So it was a solid breath of fresh air half way through the year.

Highlight’s for July:

  • Acting on a TV show called Varshita
  • An insane trip at Lake Oloiden!
  • Oh and seeing Jidenna live!


HELLO BIRTHDAY MONTH! + last year in the 20’s! *insert face palm*

I had my best friend and friends travel down with me and for me to celebrate another year of life on Earth at my second home, Diani. It was a week long of festivities and my highlight’s got to be Wayne buying all of 40 Thieves shots and the whole bar sang for me! Hahaha!


New Year, New Me! I took up hiking with Summit Seekers. The first one kicked my ass and I’ve been determined to get better at it ever since and between September and now, I’ve done 5 hikes, and I am definitely proving to myself that I am getting better! 🙂


I got called back on Varshita to play the role of her Grandmother. It was super challenging but it was pretty awesome too!

Kenya Nights hosted Seth Schwarz and it was a SWEET event!


October’s a bit of a blur (haha) between Kenya Nights LIVE Pres Maia & The Big Sky, Oktoberfest 2017 and Halloween Parties. But I did 2 hikes and Zaina Falls was my Fav!



The month started with a Free Kenya Nights show to basically get over the Re-Election Blues Kenya was facing and Tristan’s birthday! My main highlight though is stepping foot on Mount Kenya for the first time in my life and hiking up to first base and checking out Kamweti Falls. Radio Africa called me after 2 years to do a couple of VO’s for them and the debut of my acting on Varshita aired on the 19th on Maisha Magic East on DSTv. Binge watched Designated Survivor it 3 days and celebrated Riz’s birthday on the 24th with a great bunch of friends and danced till dawn and my month ended with visiting the Elephant Orphanage and Giraffe Centre!

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December kicked off with the Jameson Connects Nairobi event with TY Dolla $ign. Personally, the Kenyan artists did it for me. We watched TY’s entrance and left to eat, then went over to Alchemist to support our buddies who put RISE together. Kenya Nights celebrated 8 years on 16th Dec with Subb-an. I went to Ole Polos for the first time ever for Drinkscember. What a riot! Had a beautiful dinner with my OG crew at Ritesh’s for Christmas Eve. And spent NYE at Alchemist, working, but my bro and close friends around!


2017 was generally a shitty year for everyone. We sing this “New Year, New Me” song every year, because it feels like a fresh start and a fresh page. I’m not one to create resolutions, as I believe you can make a change at any time of the year, but if 2018 is what you’ve been waiting for, then make things happen for yourself and I wish you the best!