Kwaheri… 2014

I started this trend for myself, spelling out my year and reflecting on everything that happened in the year before and now it’s more of a writing skill and still about reflecting.

Just been through my posts from 2010, 2011, 2012 and 2013. A LOT HAS CHANGED in the last 5 years and did I ever think I would be here? Maybe.

So because I didn’t really want to do this, as I seem to have less and less patience. I don’t feel the need to “express” myself the way I did before. The events are not in any particular order but definitely what happened in the months specified.

January 2014

Dinner and non-alcoholic champagne at Aunty Lenie’s place with mum then buggered off after 1AM to one of the shittiest nights at Gipsy’s. Got home before 3AM. Only really went because Katie image1asked me to come, and Arfan and Amee were in town. Got to meet Micasa from South Africa. Got diagnosed with Allergic Rhinitis. Interviewed by BBC’s Dan Reed for the Westgate documentary.image1(1) Made awesome new friends. Interviewed Bollywood Actresses Parineeti Chopra, Yami Gautam for East FMimage2 and started on talks for SAMOSA Festival 2014.

February 2014

image2My last show on Angels and Demons on Tuesday nights at East FM. image1(1)Kenya Nights brought down DIPLO and Walshy Fire of MAJOR LAZER!  Event was so hectic, almost brought down Tree House Club! And then East FM’s Pearl Koroga Premier League started. image3Didn’t make it to the semi finals but you can tell how much fun we had either way 🙂 My team was called the “Koroga Minions”. Because I was super obsessed with the minions.

East FM turned 16 and the station was revamped. I got a new show called “Urban Charge” that airs every Sunday from 12-3PM. image4The show focuses on Brown Artists from around the world, giving them a platform in Africa to showcase their music and talent. Rita Morar was the first person I interviewed on the show. You can listen in on and with that said, no longer on XFM.

image5Shreya Goshal was in town for the Valentines weekend – had the honor of meeting her and interviewing her in person thanks to East FM.

And then I was finally able to take a break and get out of Nairobi. image6The first one ever since the Westgate attack and I suppose it was well deserved and had such a great time! Went off to Mswambweni thanks to my good mate Bram! 🙂

March 2014

IMG_7670On 1st March I was asked to, once again, MC for the annual Cancer Awareness event hosted by Eddah’s Hope Cancer Foundation “Having Fun Fighting Cancer”. The event started during the day on Saturday and went on till the next day at Quins Grounds! It was loads of fun and they met their goal, to spread awareness! Then Jennifer visited back from Paris. IMG_7671Went to the Giraffe Centre for the first time since my childhood. It is honestly one of the best feelings ever – Being so close to a beautiful animal and feeding them and feeling them and just being so relaxed and calm because it’s nature and natural and just… Pure. Oh and I interviewed Jags Klimaxx on my show 😛 image1The month ended with a Kenya Nights event where And.ID was the main act and he played LIVE and it was totally underground and awesome!

April 2014

Went to image1(1)Hells Gate National Park with Taylor and Nick for the the first time ever in my life! Did the smart-ass thing and hired bikes to ride around. No doubt the place is AMAZING but riding a bike for the first time in 14 years on a dirt road, NEVER EVER happening again! In love with the gauges and look forward to going back in A CAR! A week later it was my childhood friend’s wedding.image2 Faiza and her soon to be flew in from Holland to get married in the country she was born in. It was one of the most fun weekends! image3Got to meet dance-hall superstars Konshens and Javada at the Radio Africa studios as well. Went Horse Riding for the first time in years overimage1 the Easter Break with Kathi, Nick and Taylor. Spent a lot of time in the Karen area, which I hadn’t done in a long while. And also went back to Bikram Yoga during the break. Interviews on the show was Flint J, Shin of DCS and Waseem Stark.

May 2014

image1image2image3Went GP Karting after such a long time with Taylor. It was Kathi’s birthday that month so went for a Misono dinner with the gang. East FM started a new annual event known as The Amazing Safari. Tons of fun towards the end as we finished in Nakuru for the finals. image6Hosted my first ever InterNations event as the Group Council for Nairobi Professionals Group. Went horse riding with Smriti. Interviews on Urban Charge were TazZz, DJ Vix and Hunterz. image4The month ended with one of the most EPIC events by Kenya Nights – brought down M.A.N.D.Y from Germany.

June 2014

On 1st June, I picked up M.A.N.D.Y and took them out and about. Giraffe Center, Karen Blixen Museum which was a first for me as well but looked similar to the movie Out of Africa! went to the Maasai Market and ended up having dinner at Habesha with a few close friends and them. They went off to Naivasha and came back the next day wimage5here we did Sundowners with them in Ngong Hills, dinner at Talisman before they flew out. I was on leave from 2nd -13th June so made the most of it. Met up with friends, did some shopping, partied and my second InterNations event. image1Went back to work. Interviews for June were Rishi and Raxstar. The month ended with the Arijit Singh concert, the beginning of Ramadhan and sad news that my mates wife got diagnosed with cancer.

July 2014

The whole month was about Ramadhan really. image2But it does become challenging when you’re working in an industry that demands entertainment and really is also your source of putting some bread and butter on your table. So Transformers 4 came out. The World Cup finals happened where Germany won after 24 years! I enrolled on a program with ThankGodi called “Equilibration Certification” where I will eventually become a specialist and help people going through Grief or Trauma and help them find a balance in life. My good mate Kunjan, finally got married to the love of his life, Hinal. image6Kenya Nights collaborated with Electrafrique to bring down the King of House in Africa – BLACK COFFEE!image3 Met up with David, Dorian, Riz, Elene, Eric, Bram, Drazen, Lauren, Erik & his girl Victoria. Went off to Mombasa with Vikash for the Ramadhan Raha Roadshow with East FM & Elianto. image4So much fun in the evenings though with Bram. Eventually met Franky, Nabil and Trem who have remained amazing friends since. image5Came back to Nairobi and prepped for the Eid Namaz where we broadcasted LIVE for the first time ever from Pangani Mosque.image7 Best feeling ever! And ended the month with my final InterNations meet up for Nairobi Professionals at Taste of China.

August 2014

My birthday month and definitely the best month of the year! image1My mate Kuki got married! So we obviously had to do the whole Hen Night before the big day!image4 9th August – Mental night! No details allowed 😛 The following weekend was hectic! Her Mangi that I MC’d at, the Punjabi Theme’d night/Mehndi night and the main wedding! Never been to a Hindu wedding from beginning to the end – All I’m gonna say is, even though they’re Gujrati, Punjabi’s dominate weddings with our music! 😉 image2

On 16th August Kenya Nights threw the annual Frisky Disco event! So much fun!

My birthday was on 22nd August but because I was going to SUPER BUSY, my brother, Riz, organized my birthday dinner on the 21st night. image1It was amazing to have all my friends over and celebrate with me – I love birthdays, it’s just special to be alive, surrounded by people who love you and just be! Dinner was at Abyssinia in Hurlinghum, we were 20 in total. Dinner was fab and Seema, The Cravery, baked an amazing Marble Cake for me!


East FM’s BIG WEEKEND was happening on the 23rd of August. Apache Indian with Parm Panesar, Usman Rehman, Tasha Tah & DJ Limelight, TeamPBN and DJ Suketu were the artists of the phenomenal night! Way way way too much information about the Big Weekend, so I’m just gonna leave this video here for you…

25th August arrived, caught a 9AM flight to Mombasa. image2  Checked in at Serena Beach Hotel,  lunch at La Marina, dinner on the Tamarind Dhow! image6Checked out the next day and crashed for the next two nights at Nabil’s place. Slept in the afternoon, had lunch at Yul’s – Went shopping at City Mall as I had to cook for Nabil for letting me stay at his place! Ha! Went to The Moorings for sun-downers. Next day, drove down to Diani. We may have been speeding and got caught by cops – Waited 3 hours and were charged for speeding 25kph above the speed limit (100kph). Had to pay Kshs. 25,000 as it’s 1000 bob per every kph above the limit. Sigh!

FINALLY made it to SkyDive Diani for our jump! You can read about the jump here. After the freefall          Ordered in dinner from Yul’s and ice-cream from ArtCaffe that night – Next morning said ciao to Nabil and came back to Nairobi. Went out that night to Gipsy’s as Lionel, Ben, Eshan and Gio were performing for the last time over there – image3And the next morning left for the Rift Valley Festival! 3 days camping, again, too much information there so not gonna say anything else other than what an amazing 10 days of celebrating my birthday that was! 😀

September 2014

Darrin came down from Australia after 3 years, met up for a dinner. Went to a charity event with Drazen and Bram at Tribe then went to check out Caramel Lounge. image1Next night we all ended up at Gipsy’s – Had so much fun with Bram, Dorian, Adam and Eugenio. image2Went for my first ever Polo match with Adam. StrawBerry Jam Band were winding up their band as Gio was leaving town – Went for their final two gigs at Purdy Arms and Tamambo Village Market.  Went for a braai at Michelle’s – Met old friends and made loads of new ones too :). My dear friend Melissa flew back to LA. image3September became a tough month because of the Westgate memorial. I went for one event during the week where Arjun Kohli had put together images and stories of survivors and/or their affected families. Very very emotional, teary eyes moment when I spoke to Pablo’s Aunt as we had an encounter together during the attack. So, I couldn’t handle that week and was desperate to get the hell out of Nairobi, and my dearest friend Johannesimage4 rallied up a group and we went to Carnelly’s in Naivasha to camp for the weekend. There was no better way to have spent that weekend than with amazing friends in a green and serene place. The following Thursday, went to Sankara and Havana for drinks with friends, image6Friday was at Crooked Q’s for my first ever TEMPLE event and wound up my September with friends who were leaving Kenya. Paul’s goodbye dinner at ABC and a quick chat with Nabil at Fogo Gaucho before he left for Uganda the next day. And Navratri began, which meant, East FM’s all over the place celebrating for 9 days! My first night was at Jalaram Mandir with Rajesh.

October 2014

image14Jasmine’s birthday on the 1st and Kamal Kaur back on air. My final night of Navratri at Pattni Brotherhood with Jamil. image1(1)

Took Friday the 3rd and Monday the 6th off because EarthDance 2014 was in Migaa and Kenya Nights collaborated with 6:AM Entertainment for the first time to put this together. EarthDance was AMAZING! Have always, always loved it! EarthDance, Eid-Ul-Hajj and Adam’s birthday all fell on the 4th! Wound up at EarthDance, had brunch at Java South C, went to Drazen’s place and passed out! When we all woke up later at night, we had lost track of time and days! Haha! Went for the Reg Athwal talk at Oshwal Centre. Had dinner at Brew that Friday with friends and then watched The Equalizer. Went for a braai at Nick Doulo’s place that Saturday and Sunday was at IMAX watching Dracula Untold and dinner at Open House after. Longest week ever! (Can’t be compared to August though). Met Tafa for coffee then watched Gone Girl with Dexter guys at Prestige.

The one movie that leaves your mind COMPLETELY FACKED!image7 Kenya Nights brought down Cian Finn and we did a Selekta Sessions night. Following morning I got picked up by a sponsored car to go to the airport and pick up Aviji and Tinku, image13India’s Got Talent’s Finalist’s as they were going to perform at UTSAV 2014! Raghav Mathur was the highlight and he came along with Ice Berg Slimm and DJ Limelight. EPIC time with all of them! Dinners with Bunty, Johannes, Lionel and Taylor towards the end of the month. image831st Oct was Halloween and we all dressed up at Radio Africa to spice up the day! image9And that same evening had to got to Tribe Hotel for the Mohit Chauhan press meet! Got to meet the legend!

November 2014

image10Mohit Chauhan’s concert was at Kasarani Stadium – Amazing night! Aleem, Rajesh, Riya and Kunjan were our East FM November babies! 7th night had to go to image11Tribe for Benny Dayal’s press meet – Had THE BEST conversation with him – Such an honor! Went to Purdy Arms that night with Nadia – Next night was the Benny Dayal concert where Rajesh and I were the Red Carpet Hosts – So much fun! Sunday after my show, went for FroYo woth Lisa! Mid-November went for an event called AT5 at Benga House in Kyuna. Probably one of the most chilled night out I’ve ever been to. Interviewed THE JAY SEAN 😀 Caught up with Johannes and did a fund raiser for Rahim’s wife Nimra at the Creative Expo at PAWA 254.image3 Went for CLOUDS by 6:AM at Carnivore on the 22nd – Haven’t danced like that in ages! Felix Cartal and Congorock were the internationals! image2Riz’s birthday was on the 24th but celebrated on the 29th. Had an awesome braai by the pool side at home. Had a friends-giving dinner at John’s house – my first time ever! 🙂

December 2014

Tough month as we lost Nimra. Unfortunately because of Kenya Nights commitments and with the next event in literally days, I couldn’t spend much time with Rahim. Friday night, 5th, picked up Yasmin from the airport with Adam and Frank. Dropped her off at Tribe and the next day picked up Jessi and Subb-an for the gig at Tree House that night. Subb-an totally smashed the night! image12Frank and I were there till 8am – Got home, freshened up and back at the hotel to pick all 3 of them up and take them to the Elephants Orphanage and Girafee Centre. Passed out at 5PM woke up the next day! Tuesday night had dinner with Subb-an and gang before they left for the airport then Franky, Adam, Farheen, Trem and I went to the Junction to do The Hobbit Marathon! Got out of the cinema at 4.15AM! I had to be at work by 9!!! Anyway, December. We were all on holiday mode anyway! Radio Africa Group’s end of year/Christmas party was nearing, and every year we do something fun and different. dancingSo we decided to do a flash mob dance! Rehearsals for that began on 11th Dec, the part was on 17th! On 11th night we went for the Be Distinctive event in Gigiri and that wwrJamhuri weekend, went camping and White Water Rafting in Sagana with Johannes, Sofia, Delfine, Greg, Eshan and Nawi. Yes, 3 couples and me *sigh*. Great weekend though! Radio Africa end of year party was a total hit! And I was OFFICIALLY off from work from the 20th! Did absolutely nothing for the first week! But after Christmas, things kicked into 4th gear for the NYE party!


Set up started on 27th Dec – Team Make Sense Management flew up from Cape Town to do the decor – Lighting, sound etc everything started to go up on 28th/29th – I only made it to Ngong Racecourse on the 29th, that evening I turned vegetarian too. It was basically loads of laughter, loads of hard work, loads of blood, sweat and tears. Could not have wished for a better ending to 2014 🙂 Here’s a glimpse of how it went down.

It definitely looks like it was an amazing year, and I love that it always looks like that on the surface. We always want to point out the good stuff and omit the bad stuff. That’s human nature. What we need to do though, is embrace the bad stuff too, because, that’s where all the good stuff comes out from… Don’t believe me? Check out and you’ll know what I mean 🙂