So Cruel

Why oh dear life do you have to be so cruel?

We be good to people and never ask for food.

Earn money through tears of work that you don’t wanna do.

Only to to pay rent, and dues and fill up your car with fuel.

Dear life, why does it always have to be against me?

Why can you not just be gentle and kind rather than always stabbing me from behind.

It’s like the worst game of hide and seek.

Like you know who the catcher is only to find a different player.

Why can it not be a straight forward game that we both can play.

Where you just sit there and just glare while I play with my hair.

As I do my thing without worrying about a thing.

No curve balls, just straight lines to follow.

No surprises, just things to look forward to.

Why do you always have to be so cruel?