The Language of The World

I do this thing where I go out, on my own. Being in the music industry long enough, it’s easier to just move in and out without being attached to a single human being.

Call it an adventure if you may.

I never know whom I’m going to run into and that either triggers my anxiety, when I’m in a claustrophobic environment with people I have NO connection with, or it’s a massive space and I find a single individual with whom I end up sitting with for an hour, just chatting about the most mundane things, to the most spiritual, to the most rewarding conversations I’ve had in a long while.

I ran into a friend 2 Friday nights ago and we had the craziest conversation. We talked specifically about our individual journeys in life, the transitions and what the repercussions of these transitions are.

Not many know this about me but those close to me do. I did the Art of Living at the tender age of 17. If you haven’t done the course or haven’t heard about it, Sri Sri Ravi Shankar is the founder and is a spiritual leader. His teachings are quite profound. VERY SIMPLE AND BASIC but so profound that some of his teachings still sit with me.

Later on I did a whole Life Coaching Course with Jenetta Barry I was 24. So, this journey of contentment, “living my best life” et all, has been ongoing for years.

Some call the Art of Living a cult. But what do people NOT call a cult? If you choose to be part of an ayahuasca ceremony, does that mean you’re part of a cult? If you choose to participate in the Landmark Forum, are you part of a cult? If you end up at a hippie festival and everyone’s in another dimension, are you part of a cult? If you go for ceremonies that celebrate the New Moon or Full Moon, are you part of a cult? If you’re a Free Mason?


Before you jump the gun, do some research and figure out what you deem cults. What is it about these “organizations” or courses, for that matter, that has people mind blown and into it.

Before you choose to be ignorant and judge your mates about the journey they’ve chosen to take, ask them why they’re doing it. What is it about what they’ve chosen to participate in that tingles their brain.

I’ve had friends venture off to India to live in ashrams to find themselves, learn reiki, chakra healing, become yoga instructors or motivational spiritual speakers. I’ve had friends go into complete silence for 10 days in Nairobi, in an area called Karen, where they practice Vipasana and come out different.

Everyone’s in search of peace and happiness. Even though WE KNOW it comes from within us. Sometimes life can be so tasking that you don’t even know where to begin, so you look for answers in places that feel have the fundamentals of living life with love, care and simplicity.

And that is essentially what we are. SIMPLE.

We now live in a complex world where materialism and technology drives everything. Including you. In a car.

Something as basic and simple like going for a walk in the woods, hike up a mountain or down to a waterfall, a swim in the ocean etc. Anything related to nature, makes you feel at HOME. As that’s how humans lived before and is what we go back to anyway. Bodies into the ground or ashes into the rivers and oceans and winds of the world.

We’re a big ball of energy and we must do whatever it takes to protect it.

So do what you want, be who you are, un-apologetically. If you don’t vibe with someone, that’s fine. Their problem not yours. Just be 100% true to yourself. My epiphanies happened years ago and I keep having those more and more as I get older. Which gives me more insight to my life in the last 31 years. And now I see the consequences of decisions I made then.

The decisions you make now affect your future, so be wise and vigilant.

All these courses and teachings from educated folk, gurus, head of villages, ashrams, religions… Have the same message of peace, love, happiness and simplicity.

It’s really just the channel you use to communicate it with, that creates a visible difference.

Walk on Earth with The Language of The World, and the world will be by your side.