Get Real

“But then the world would be so boring” is usually the answer I get to my question “Wouldn’t it be wonderful if everybody just loved each other?” It’s better than everyone looking the same. Now THAT would be boring.

Or would it?

Kinda like a wild Rick and Morty Episode, where all the Rick’s come together. They all equally have a characteristic about them, that sticks out like a sore thumb. One’s a goth. One’s flamboyant.

And that’s just us as individuals.

Every single human being, has a part of them that is connected to The Universe. You are able to find something about someone that links a connection to you. We are always in search of a connection. And you can only get that signal, when you are clear with yourself first.

If your body, which represents your soul on Earth, isn’t vibrating at the same frequency as what you desire, you will always be vibrating low. The idea is to raise your vibration, so you can be as authentic as authentic can get.

Go vegan. Get up at 6:AM (heck I’m trying for 5AM now). Meditate. Use electronic devices less. Give yourself alone time. Get a massage. I don’t know. Whatever makes you love you, and brings you closer to who you want to be.

What you seek is seeking you.

The only Mr Right, or Miss Right, is you. Make yourself that person that you are looking for. And watch the person you seek, walk right up to you.

It’s time to Get Real. Do the work.