When people tell you to go with the flow. You really should. I’m those kind of people who’s always emphasizing on not to make solid plans and to create a guide map only and leave room for flexibility and the like because just like everything, nothing’s permanent. campbell_quoteSomething will come along to ruin your “plans” and you’ll sit there wondering what happened.

It’s just like saying “let them go, if they come back, you were meant to be“. Or Forcing them to stick around only pushes them further away.

The same concept is implemented in whatever area in your life. It could be a trip that you’re dying to go for, you plan everything so accurately only to be told you have a training to go for and that your leave dates have been shifted or that job that you’ve been trying so hard to get only to find out they hired someone else.

Sometimes, I guess, being patient is the key.

I can use my job at East FM as an example. It’s something I wanted for years. I pushed so hard for it only to find that I was pushing it further away. Until I let it go and guess what? It came back.

They say everything happens for a reason. Or you don’t get what you want now because something bigger and better awaits you.

Every situation has its pros and cons. It’s benefits and well… detriment.

How you handle it is what will determine your ultimate result.