Is It Love Or Addiction?

You find yourself addicted to something, thinking leaving it for a while will comfort you. Knowing that you can, after-all, control yourself. Your will power is strong.

They say it takes 21 days to embed a habit – but 30 days later you realize how much you miss it.

60 days go and you feel a little different but you still think about it, but don’t touch it.

90 days go and it feels like something is missing.

After 120 days it’s presented to you in a different form but instead of being happy about it, you’re upset because of how it made you feel the day before you gave it up.

But after another 90 days you choose to make peace with it and slowly let it back into your life.

A familiar taste, smell, feeling, sound. It’s just so comfortable and understanding. But it frustrates you because of how free it is and at the same time it makes you happy that it’s so free – that’s when you realize it’s a care-free zone. A place where you can feel at home. But only for a short while, until another 365 days go by.

This is abstract writing and open to your own interpretation.