First Post of 2019

I haven’t written in a while and this post has been long overdue. You may or may not have noticed that I didn’t post my annual blog post. I had been contemplating for the last few years if it’s something I wanted to continue doing. But, it naturally took its course and I haven’t had to put thought into it.

This isn’t a long post but just wanted to share some of my recent thoughts.

You know when you catch up with an old friend after a long time, and they ask you… “So, what’s new?”. Yeah.

My life literally, every single week, keeps changing on levels that even I don’t fully understand. Yet, at the same time, it feels like puzzles are falling from the sky and I’m just putting pieces together, to create a big image.

Same of the pieces need to be taken out, to create space for a bigger piece of the puzzle to fit in. And this is life. These pieces are people – close friends and even family. These pieces are jobs, your wants in life, your needs etc.

It’s been a rough 5-6 months and with it came a lot of change and A LOT of growth. Every single day I am being tested by the universe at a capacity where I have to bulldozer through giant walls that are non-existent but can also clearly be seen.

Solitude is something that I have fallen in love with. I am slowly turning into an introvert as well. They said everything changes after you turn thirty. I just feel, my perception on life has been constantly changing, not that things around me have.

It’s a matter of how I react (or not act for that matter), to certain situations.

Recently, I have been stepping a little bit outside of my comfort zone. More like giving second chances to things I kicked out of my space. And this was triggered after the recent attacks in Nairobi. Life being too short and all.

So I learnt that I didn’t have to. I already know life is too short, YOLO etc. The incidents were just a reminder. But it doesn’t change or shift my beliefs, my lifestyle or my boundaries. I have entertained situations I normally wouldn’t and that re-taught me what I like, what I want, and what I don’t.

That for me is a big deal. Many of us know what we want/need and don’t, but not all of us actually do what we have to, to maintain them.

I’m not about resolutions and all, but I do believe one of my goals for 2019 is to maintain my boundaries and not allow anyone or thing to cross over them.