Ciao… 2015

I have this habit of doing things last minute πŸ˜› and for people around me, it can be quite frustrating. They say change starts with you, and if you want things to be better in your life, make the necessary changes. Whether it’s mentally, physically or philosophically.

I started working on this post in August 2015, only because I didn’t want to start writing in December because I know how much work goes into this post!

I love reflecting, and observing how I have changed and how things have changed in months and over the years. If you’re interested, here are my posts from 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013 and 2014. Warning: They can be long reads! But an interesting insight to my life & how much my writing & perceptions have changed.

January 2015

A magical beginning to 2015. Fireworks, amazing people, great music in Nairobi at Sundance 2015 with Kenya Nights and 6:AM Entertainment.

I was surrounded with people I love at Ngong Racecourse, where the word “festival” was introduced to me. My intention for South Africa in April was set, AfrikaBurn here I come! Also, went vegetarian for life! image1Matt of Make Sense Management and I went to the Giraffe Centre where we both kissed a Giraffe for the first time! Haha! Went back to work the following Monday and finally resigned. Celebrated mum’s birthday with Aunty Mary who was down from South Africa πŸ™‚ Met my buddy Ritesh in January. Lisa came back from the UK and we started to spend a lot of time together. Started working for ThankGodi. image4Nairobi Restaurant Week was a definite highlight! And “I’m in love with the coco” was the song of the month! Lol!

February 2015

Β image2On 13th Feb, Lisa and I flew out to the coast for the Valentines weekend. Before catching the flight (which was initially for 7PM), I got stuck in the lift at Lion Place for an hour. In that hour, H Dhami saw me stuck in there, my work mates stayed back till I got out, our flight got delayed for another hour. After finally getting out, I got a selfie with H! (HAD to be done! :P). Then got stuck in traffic for 2 hours! There was no way we were making this flight. Get to the airport, and we boarded 10 mins before take off! Talk about Friday the 13th! Eish! That was the ULTIMATE one! Make it to the coast and we have a ball of a weekend! Beach bumming, sleeping, dancing, partying, snorkeling, eating. We did – Nyali, Diani, Msambweni and Wasini Island. It was a great get away! image3Got back to Nairobi and end up getting surgery on my foot as I stepped on glass dancing on sand barefoot that weekend! Took part in my last and final Koroga Competition with East FM. Met so many new people this month.

March 2015

Got an offer to host a TV show with Rai Productions! Whoop! Kenya Nights did a secret party dubbed Frisky Disco 2015! 10384671_709948112454933_9184335616560442897_nKK was down for a concert thanks to Mani Productions. Was part of a soup kitchen at Juniper’s Kitchen. So much fun! Started to prep for South Africa! Got my yellow fever jab, started putting documents together. Chilled out with Sam after ages! Melissa was back in town for a few days. image6Had a goodbye dinner for Will and Sameer – and the restaurant staff sang Happy Birthday for them instead of He’s A Jolly Good Fellow! Lol!Β  image5Got fully coloured up at Rang Barse – a late Holi Festival hosted by East FM – my final weekend at the station. Hosted the last Urban Charge on the station as well. My buddy Nick was heading down to South Africa and the plan was to meet him in South Africa for AfrikaBurn! and then said goodbye to the Radio Africa family on 31st March.

April 2015

Easter weekend was fun! Partied at Juniper Kitchen, then Venom with Deshal and DJ Lemon. image7Over the weekend went for ice-cream at Cold-Stone and watched Fast 7! Went into town for a walk in Uhuru Park and of course visit the helipad at KICC. 8th April 2015, GOT MY VISA TO SOUTH AFRICA!!! The excitement had me fainting! (not funny). image3Emcee’d for Divalicious at Vila Rosa Kempinski. Went for my first Derby Match at the Ngong Racecourse. Binge watched Game of Thrones! Watched 4 and a half seasons in 1 week! It was Lisa’s final days in Nairobi, so spent as much time with her as possible. Went for our first swap-lab at The Bus. So much fun! Missed AfrikaBurn 😦 image1Recorded the first episode of a TV show with Rai Productions (sorry, can’t disclose information at this point). Kenya Nights was hosting Lee Foss on May 1st, he arrived on the 29th, and I fainted again the following morning. Doc said it was lack of protein, so had to get back on fish and chicken. Bye-bye being vegetarian.

May 2015

Lee Foss killed it at Tree House!image8 And then we had the first addition of the workshops by Kenya Nights with Lee Foss, where artists talk about their music and production. My visa was expiring on 7th May and I started to lose all hope that this trip is not going to happen. I gave up on Monday morning, 4th May. On 5th May, literally… And I mean literally EVERYTHING fell into place. Flight’s booked, accommodation sorted, travel plans are all sorted! 10981952_10153254551407209_7498786504410176081_n7th May, flew out of Kenya for the first time ever!image3 I won’t go into detail about the trip but it was the best time I had this year! πŸ™‚ Got back to Nairobi on 23rd May. Missed Arjun’s performance as I was sick as a dog! But managed to watch Mos Def perform live in Nairobi!

June 2015

_MG_6096 copy1st June, met up with Nick, Zak and Efi for Ethiopian food then watched Mad Max! What a movie! Went for the official Uber launch at Dusit D2. image1Hosted the first GET REAL event at Juniper’s Kitchen on 6th June. image1Had image1Kenya Nights Groove Cube go down at The Bus. Cut my hair super short! Ramadhan began – it felt so different this year image2(because I didn’t have the pressure of work anymore during the Holy month). Lynda got married! And Kenya Nights hosted Selekta Sessions at Tree House.

July 2015

Sadia 1Had a photo shoot with Larry Asego – that’s when I started regretting cutting my hair! Checked out Coke Studios Africa. Rad place! Was part of a focus group hosted by Since Being Single from the UK. Discussing dating issues. Very interesting! Met with Bikram Yoga for work. Attended the Up Magazine Off The Rails 4th Edition at the Railways Museum – So epic! bpWatched the Minions Movie with Emma and the French gang! Eid was on 18th July and so was the Kenya Nights Block Party – the first of an annual event.Β  11794613_10100437323000224_3032298064355030542_oWent for an awesome Polo match at the Nairobi Polo Grounds. Also, I didn’t give two hoots about Gipsy’s this year, 1but may have spent way too much time at Juniper’s! Lol! And the month ended with hosting a Movie Night at the Bikram Yoga studio πŸ™‚

August 2015

Ritesh, Daniele & I had lunch at Nargis Kapoor for Sunday Biryani! YUM! image5Got back into the hot room! Worst first-class-back at Bikram! But then it got better after being regular again. image6Celebrated Daniele’s birthday at Grace’s Lock & Key Party at The Emerald Garden on 8th August. So much fun! image7 Had an amazing Birthday BBQ at the family house. Next day got to watch Mi Casa live and hang out with them after their performance. Following week had a surprise birthday for Naf!

September 2015

September was all about a workshop and event being held at Bikram Yoga Nairobi – Planning, marketing etc. image8Highlight had to be an impromptu trip to the Aberdares! Got to walk with giraffes in the wild, swim, steam & sauna and of course game drives. Such an awesome weekend getaway. image9Had Joy’s farewell dinner as he left back for Tokyo. Had brunch with Kimberly after ages at News Cafe (my fav new place because it reminds me so much of South Africa!) & went for the Afrika Yard Party –image10 Svetlana’s last weekend before she left for Chile and the next day went for the Sondeka After Party at Juniper’s where Claire gifted me my travel buddy, Rocky! image11Went for a BBQ at Archie’s place and then danced the night away at Casablanca! Had a very special dinner with close friends on the eve of the Westagte Anniversary. Hosted Abria Joseph for the workshops at Bikram Yoga Nairobi.

October 2015

Had a community night dubbed Seeds of Rhythm at Bikram. image203rd October was awesome! Probably one of the best weekends I’ve had in a really long time. Said bye to Jordana as she flew back to the UK, got Rasheda and Claire then went to the DusitD2 Pool Party. Rushed to Kempinski, changed clothes and attended a Masquarde Ball. Went home, changed, and off to a rooftop party and then rocked up to Earthdance Nairbo 2015 at 4.30AM and danced till 8AM! Such an awesome weekend. image12Got waffles with Larry at Waffle & Yoggi. Yum! image13Emcee’d for a play called SIMBA – it was a rerun. Show was on from 9th-11th at Oshwal Centre. It was all for charity – such a good play! Well done to Sahil, Kunjan and team! Took a bus to Jinja, Uganda on the night of the 15th. Such an epic trip! You can read about it here. I got nominated for an award at PMA2015 in the Media & Entertainment category. jinjaFinally ate at Ocean Basket for the first time since their launch a year ago! Went to the movies after ages with mum, aunt, Ritesh, Claire and Jesse. Weird Indian movie but it was a fun night out πŸ™‚ image14Don D Marley visited Kenya after 20 years and we got to hang out a bit. Took him through to East FM for an interview as well. And the highlight for October had to be the Halloween Party Grace put together at Emerald Garden. Over 500 people turnt up!

November 2015

Celebrated Kent’s birthday at Misono. Installed Adobe Audition on my laptop – back to editing work with ThankGodi. image18 Saturday, 7th Nov Kenya Nights had an impromptu event at The Elephant dubbed Afro Social in conjunction with MIS. That was such a fun night! image16Wednesday 11th, Aadil, Rasheda Geunhak and I went to Parklands Sports Club to watch fireworks for Diwali. Rained so hard – we got stuck under a tent that probably had the best food. Never eaten so much chilli paneer before! Haha!Β  image1714th Nov was the Marine Ball – had so much fun! Checked out the Nairobi Design Week at ADD with Brian. Seeing what people are up to and how much is being done made me feel like I need to do more with my life! Did something I’ve never done before, a 6AM yoga class and had the most perfect day after that. 18th November – have never felt such bliss in ages! 21st Nov was the PMA2015 awards. I had to interview all the nominees – didn’t win the award though. SMH. Celebrated Riz’s birthday with a huge group of friends at Mediterraneo Junction. Saturday, 28th another community night at Bikram called Mipigo. Interesting drumming event. Month ended on a low note but hey, cΓ©st la vie!

December 2015

image19Celebrated Kenya Nights 6th Anniversary with Culoe De Song! When it comes to parties, this was EPIC! Danced so much & had such a fab time. We were on the dance floor till 6AM. Went to Sankara with Zahir, Brian, Rasheda and Melissa for breakfast. Hilarious morning! bobPlanning for 2016, caught up with Danielle of The Green Breakfast Club – watch out Nairobi! We have something planned πŸ˜‰ Attended the B.O.B concert! EPIC FRIKKIN NIGHT! Finally got my tragus pierced after years of contemplating about it! Did a random day trip to Naivasha that was much needed! nyeMy year ended with an impromptu & short trip to Diani! One of the most rad, RAD days of my entire year! But made it back to Nairobi in time for Kenya Nights NYE Nairobi 2016 at a sweet new location in the heart of Westlands called The Alchemist! πŸ™‚

When I think about my 2015, I feel like it was such a horrible year but when I honestly deeply look at it, it was very well balanced with highs and lows – exactly how life should be. Extreme highs only attracts serious lows – but if they come in doses and aren’t extreme, I can pretty much deal with that πŸ™‚

So that was my year – Very eventful filled with travel and fun – Awakenings and realizations. 2015 was me letting go of whom I have always been and what everyone else sees me for/as and rediscovering life all over again! 2016, is going to be about shining a new light from a different angle! And I hope it’s a year for you to shine bright like a diamond too! πŸ˜‰

Happy 2016! x