Live & Learn

You live and you learn.

Every single human being moves at their own frequency. Their own timeline. Their own pace.

You can’t push a person’s growth. We’re all plants. We need to stay hydrated, we need the sun, and we need fresh air… Nurturing.

As I learn so much about myself on this journey of self-mastery, I realize my anxiety gets triggered from being in enclosed spaces. It sucks that it reflects in my physical realm but I am learning to consciously breathe more. I like having my space. Masks are hard enough, I don’t want to imagine ventilators. COVID’s real. Be careful, 2nd wind of winter is here.

Point is just to let things go, though. And not be so hard on myself. Like, to see results tomorrow when I’ve just planted the seed as I type this.

Safe spaces are so important. And those spaces come in the form of people, mainly. So make sure whoever you have on your side is routing for you, with you, in the front lines.

Don’t be afraid. You have the power you need, within.