Calm Down

Sometimes you just need to take yourself out of a place where you don’t get to be 100% you. And friends let you do that. They’re basically your chosen family. And it takes time to weed out the ones that align with you. That’s just it though, everybody aligns.

As long as you understand where that alignment is misaligned. And perhaps, the adjustments need to come from you. And most of the time, it’s true.

You gotta go work on your shit. And we’ll be right here when you’ve figured it out. And being able to actually do that, with people I have had unconditional love for and they give me the same, if not more, feels awesome.

When you see it in their eyes. That’s when you have a little spark in your brain that activates the good. Happiness. Serotonin.

And that’s it. The dark nights come, and they come as dark as dark can get. But when that moon shine’s baby, it shakes the currents in the oceans. Imagine what it does to our human bodies. It’s A LOT of emotions rising. But things will calm down and you’ve just gotta ride out the wave. Go with the flow.