Listen To Your Heart

Loss, takes a long time to recover from. Especially when it’s personal. Especially when it’s at home.

We all however, deal with things in our own ways. And it’s important to allow people to cope the way they know how. No one is right, no one is wrong. It just is. Instead, try and be compassionate towards each other, rather than blaming each other.

21st September 2020, was a beautiful day for me. I went to Karura Forest in the morning, to Amani Garden to say a prayer for the victims of The Westgate Mall attack that happened 7 years before. I’ve never been to a cemetery. And going into the garden on Monday, felt like I went to a cemetery. So I was very somber. And later on, I popped in at Westgate, to see where my emotions were at. I seemed totally fine, until I broke on Tuesday.

The rest of the week, I was so caught up with all sorts of work, that I had distracted myself to the point, I just wasn’t able to sleep. My brain was processing so much at the same time that I basically exploded.

I always remind myself to take a break and breathe. Take long, quiet, deep breaths. 10 times. Just to come back to my heart, and get out of my brain. It’s a freaking engine. The horse power is insane! And I was only able to do that, finally, on Friday night when my week was over. And the amount of AHA moments I’ve had since, has been so incredible.

It’s important to observe yourself. It’s important to take out an hour to yourself, especially after a long day at work, to just breathe and come back to self and recharge your cells with stillness. So the car engine doesn’t over heat and the radiator doesn’t blow.

The heart will never lie. Your brain will never shut up. But the heart knows. Listen to your heart more.

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