I Have Arrived

Well, one thing’s 100% for sure… Music brings the world together. Pretty dope how deejay’s around the world are going LIVE from their rooms, homes, spaces and having virtual concerts. In a time where large gatherings have been prohibited. It’s keeping everyone entertained, engaged and happy.

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Backtrack to my previous post, I wrote it in a time where I was going through multiple transitions and transformations, every. single. day. It becomes tiring, only in the sense that I keep losing people. As I vibrate higher and listen to my calling and keep walking toward my purpose on this planet. I find less and less people that I am able to connect with but at the same time, have new people vibrating on the same frequency and oddly enough, old connections are surfacing.

I will openly call it Quantum Leaping.

As the world goes through a phase of self-isolation, it’s almost like Earth has sent us all inward to look at ourselves in the mirror, and see what we have done. Not just to her planet, but to each other.

I have had an insane amount of downloads (epiphanies) in the last 3 weeks that I can barely keep up with myself.

How every. single. thing that I did/said in the past as a child, as a teenager, as an adult, post Westgate, post quitting radio, while starting my consultancy… EVERYTHING is connected. Every thought, every action, every word sets the tone for the future.

The more aware you are of this, the more you are able to create the path to the destiny you choose.

During my Life Coaching Course with Jenetta Barry in 2012/13, I had figured out my purpose. And it’s crazy to think that it came to life in 2018. I only realized that recently. I did something unknowingly and later felt guilty for it, but now I accept it and am proud of what I created.

So, the Landmark Forum had been on my radar since 2013ish. Neil Thomas was the first to suggest it to me, and then later on Reema Doshi and then finally this year, Peng Chen wrote to me asking if I had heard about it and if I would be interested in participating for the one in March.

3’s gotta be a charm, I told myself. So, paid for it and signed up. Not knowing that a month from the time I signed the document, the weekend of 13th-15th March, my life was about to change.

Strangely enough, I had started to correct things with people, things, and situations, within myself and so much more before that weekend.

I wrote emails, I made phone calls and sent messages on various platforms and sat down with certain people too.

Come FRIDAY THE 13TH (a day many know, I normally lock myself up in my room), I was at The Landmark Forum at 9AM. Day 1 was alright. Not too draining. Day 2 absolutely shattered me, and by the end of Day 3, I felt like a whole new person (expect a separate post about the forum later).

My phone was on silent and in my bag, while I was having a conversation with another human being at the Forum after it ended. So I reached into my bag to do something with my phone only to find it ringing. It was the call I had been waiting for.

The same day I was asked by Peng if I was keen to give The Landmark Forum a go, I was sent an offer letter by Choice Radio, and since then I had been in training. The call was from Head of Radio, Kevin Bellwood, saying… You’re going on air tomorrow.

I can’t begin to tell you how I felt.

I had a whole new meaning, perspective and view of life, and I was starting at a brand new station, as one of the first presenters, on the drive time show. ARE YOU KIDDING ME?

After the first session on Day 1 of The Landmark Forum, we got news about the first Coronavirus case in Kenya and that set everyone out into a frenzy. We were meant to have a final meeting on Tuesday 17th, but were informed, at the end of the forum, that we all have to go into quarantine.

So, I’ve been quarantine-ing since 16th March. I have only been between home, company car and the studio. And have remained in physical contact with the same people I had since I started to quarantine.

Now, I have got more introvert tendencies, and as it is, don’t go out as much as I used to. So, for me, not much of my life has changed, aside getting back on air… WHICH, also doesn’t feel like I went off air for 5 years!

Every night since finishing the Landmark Forum and starting radio, I have had downloads after downloads. I suppose a blocked part of my brain unlocked and now I can’t stop it from receiving.

The challenging part is that there aren’t many people to share this with, who would understand what the fuck is going on within me. But strangely enough, the people I have consciously chosen to reconnect with, totally get it.

My favourite phone call was the other night with someone I call “Mumma”. She said she understood that I went through a dark phase, and have now surfaced. I cried as she kept saying the sweetest things to me. Again, guilt, when people say thank you for something you don’t even know that you did. It’s been overwhelming.

People go through shifts (Quantum Jumps), and my latest leap is me arriving on shore, after keeping my head above water for so long, that it’s strange to be standing on the ground, and not having to kick my legs and move my arms to keep swimming.

I have arrived. Finally. And now I can breathe with ease.

PS. Friday 13th is now just a myth for me 😛 ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE!


Leave your thoughts and experiences below 🙂 x

3 thoughts on “I Have Arrived

  1. Thanks for this just lost my job this week because of the covid-19. I always know everything happens for a reason but this current point in my life I need stories like yours to remind me and keep me focused. I’m trying to look strong in front of my family but am breaking inside the fear that I’ll be stuck in this darkness 😣
    Anyway I’m a fan

  2. Just love how you have honoured who you are and grown and grown … love you special lady x

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