She Is The Ocean

She believes the ocean is the only place she can be one with the Earth. She can sink her feet deep into the sand, and her body, deep into the water. The waves are her feelings, the water is her blood, and the colours are her moods. When the tide comes in, she’s an extrovert, when the tide heads back out, she’s an introvert.

The sky is her mind. When the night comes, it turns dark, and when the sun rises, it slowly gives way to some light, to give the darkness a break. The clouds are her thoughts, and they come in different colours too. The dark clouds are her heavy, disturbing, angry thoughts and the lighter ones are happy and jovial. And sometimes, on a clear day, there is no darkness or lightness, just pure blue skies, which gives her contentment.

She’s the perfect fit to the saying, the calm before the storm. The ocean is so still in the morning, but as the day goes by, all its emotions arise. The waves get wild when there’s a full moon, and she believes: if the moon can control the tides of the ocean, imagine what it does to the blood in every being.

Humans visit the beach for a break, the ocean calls them visitors who come and go. They come into her life for a short time, to relax, discover and enjoy her warmth until it’s time to go back home. And you’d think the ocean never gets lonely, she has creatures that live with her, and call her home. They come in all sorts of shapes, colours and sizes, and create families and learn to co-exist. But some of these creatures pretend to be friends, when they’re actually predators, and only a few will help you escape from being harmed.

The ocean though is a scary place at night. She feels her darkness creates fear in her visitors and family. It’s why they go to sleep at night and she’s left to face the darkness alone.

But, once in a while, she will feel loved… Through the love of another. They walk into the ocean holding each other, as the stars twinkle in the sky and the moon controls her feelings. And she can feel their love. But she gets angry realizing this too is temporary, and they will leave her alone again, so she gushes waves at them to leave her body.

And yet, despite it all… She is love. And loved and wants love. She still wants her visitors and still wants to be a home and still wants to be controlled by the moon.

With her shape, her feelings, her moods, her colours… The depth of her love is so deep. So deep, that… The day you drop a tear in the ocean, that’s the day she’ll stop loving you.

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