Believe In Yourself 

The problem is, there’s so much out there – in the spiritual realm, that you kind of get lost trying to figure out what to believe.
We were brought up believing what our parents taught us and we started to unlearn everything after our “awakening”.

It reaches a point where you don’t know what to believe anymore but are longing to believe in something or follow something because that’s what humans are designed to do.

To follow – to worship.

I did The Art of Living when I was 17 and they taught us that we’re all Devine. There’s a little bit of divinity in all of us.

So, why not believe whatever you want to believe but mostly believe in yourself?

2 thoughts on “Believe In Yourself 

  1. Short, precise and deep. As mentioned sometime back, keep writing and if you can, drop a book – motivational kind of book, but clearly putting it out as you do on your blog. That will def make the diff from all the rest. 👍🏻

  2. There is no one universal belief, truth, or one right way of being, there is only but ones perception of it.

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