It Will All End One Day 

I wanna scream and shout.

I feel like I have been but nobody can hear me.

My screams echo through the entire world and not a single person can hear it.

It’s that time of the year again where I’m not even thinking about it but everything around it is a reminder but I’m still not thinking about it.

Only now that I’m aware of it, it’s bothering me even more.

I wish I was a scientist constantly keeping an eye on my brain. How it reacts to certain thing, places, people and situations. To understand when a dip of logic and emotion is abiut to occur. What to do to shift the thoughts to something more pleasant and allow life to continue without having there crazy waves.

I’m so tired. So fucking tired. So tired that it’s so normal now that I feel numb.

As I write this with tears falling down my face, I still know it will all end one day.

Either when I die or when I can finally be the person I want to be, without depression and anxiety and all the other shit life throws at me.

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