What Nonsense Is This Life?

We always seem to have it all figured out. And while we’re so sure of what we want and have a grand vision for our future there’s a sense of loss. And not understanding where this feeling comes from puts you in further despair.

You thought you knew what you wanted; you thought you were on the right path. You truly thought you were happy with the way things were but then suddenly… there’s this aching feeling in your heart. Pain. Which is all unhappiness.

You thought you knew your friends, you thought you had your family’s support, and you thought you trusted and loved your partner but everything suddenly started to fade away.

But here you are now, lost, faded, sad, angry, confused. Not understanding where the fuck to begin or where to start looking.

So you drink, you dance, you travel, thinking it will all make sense. So you go and come back feeling refreshed and start chasing the ball faster with more energy. Only to find yourself in the same lump again a month or two later.

What nonsense is this life?

But we’re humans. Without problems we wouldn’t have solutions, and from our solutions comes our happiness. It’s a vicious cycle and once you’re caught in it, babe, it’s a rat race and it doesn’t stop.

So maybe just accept the shittiness you have to deal with, head on! And keep doing whatever you want to do, because no matter where you run to, those problems will keep chasing you.



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