Does It Even Matter?

Does it matter? What you do for others? Does it matter? What others think of you? So what does really matter? Your status? Your looks? Your behavior? The way you dress? What is it that makes you what others perceive to be? People’s perceptions of what should and shouldn’t be? What exactly is it that is expected of you in order for you to live? Why is it that things should be expected of you? Why is society so stuck in a way of how things should be? Why are we titled “rebels” when we go against what society deems what should and shouldn’t be? Why? What the fuck do they want from us? Why is it OK for them to do whatever the hell they want to do and no one questions it because of their status? Why is it that they can turn their backs on great people and stand there like they are the greater ones when in actuality they aren’t? Is it really all about money and status? What ever happened to just being humans? What ever happened to doing what makes you happy? How is it that human beings are the only species on this planet that pay to live? Because we can speak? Because we have higher intelligence than animals? Then explain to me how animals know how to mate? Care about their younglings? How animals know how to feed themselves? How animals have homes? How is it that species that cannot even speak know what danger looks like? How animals have instincts too? How if human beings were wiped off from the face of this planet, they would live forever and ever but we humans are destroying their planet? Because of money and power? Is there even room for love and harmony? Is there even room for you? You’d think there would be room in someone’s house, life or even heart but is there even room for them on Earth? What makes you decide who has room and who doesn’t? What gives you the right to choose? Who do you think you are? Then again, who gives a shit? Does it even matter?


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