Louis Alosa – Kenyan Talent

In March 2014 I randomly received a cool animated image of myself via Facebook.


I’ve always been impressed with Louis Alosa’s work and quite recently he created a Caricature of me.

I just want to acknowledge how we have such amazing talents in Nairobi, Kenya and how the potential to make it out there – and by out there I mean to Hollywood – is there! A huge percentage of people who’ve seen the Caricature say that I look like Gru’s sister from Despicable Me! This man’s got talent.


Louis Alsoa is a freelance self-taught digital artist. He’s been drawing since the day he could hold a pencil, and started teaching himself how to draw digitally in 2012 to-date.

As you follow through his work, you will be able to identify his emotions, likings, and the state of technology.

He’s accessible too in making his art. He currently uses Adobe Photoshop and a Wacom tablet.

He loves to dabble with different styles, as well as different subjects ranging from portraits, landscapes to caricatures.

He does commissions and rates range according to size, complexity of the artwork and the print material (if a client needs a hard-copy of an artwork).

If you’re interested in getting artwork done by Louis Alosa, contact him:

Mobile: +254 (0) 721 787 390

Email: alosa.louis@gmail.com

Facebook: Alosa Arts

Twitter: @Mrlouisalosa

Instagram: @Mrlouisalosa


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