“What do you two mean to each other?”

“We survived a war together. She saved my life. I saved hers. I wouldn’t be here. She wouldn’t be here. Even if I never see her again, we will always be tied like that”

Have you ever had that?

Have you ever been through something with someone and never seen them again, but when you think about that something you remember that someone?

I have countless moments like that with different people and even if I’ve never seen them again and don’t even talk to each other anymore or simply just don’t have each others contacts, we are forever tied that way.

It could be New Year’s Eve with someone; a festival, a bank robbery, a terrorist attack, an awesome road trip, the birth of a friends child, it could be anything that you hold so dearly to your heart because that was a life changing moment for you or a significant time in your life.

There are some relationships and friendships that have a deeper meaning than the title itself. To someone outside of that realm, it could look like “something is going on”. But, in reality, your bond goes beyond words because of the experience you’ve had together.



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