Just Be Human

Facebook and the “On This Day” feature… One gives you an insane reminder of how you thought then and what stupid things you ever said years ago. But also reminds you of how far you’ve come in life.

Today my On This Day a year ago read: Life is so unpredictable and short. We need to seize every single day and live it to the max doing what we love best. RIP Rakan. Will always remember you as the craziest guy in High School! Now drive those Angels nuts!

Yesterday I got the saddest news, that a friend of mine is no longer with us. No one knows what happened or how – just that Julz is gone.

Friday night I was up till stupid O’ clock as tweets had just broken out about the terrorist attack in Paris. Of course I was gripped by it – I know the feelings, emotions, reactions and everything that comes with those sort of attacks. So similar to Westgate.

Then of course the Facebook filters started. Everyone changing their profile pictures to the colours of the French flag.

Then the uproar of what’s happening in Syria, Iraq etc started.

“Why is the media giving so much attention to Paris and not the same coverage to those in the Middle East?”

Hating on Muslim’s on social media – name calling and rejecting people because of their religion.

On the other hand Muslim’s doing what they can to defend themselves and their religion sharing posts, making videos, quoting the Quran and debates and the list goes on to explain to ignorant fools out there that you cannot call all Muslim’s terrorists – we aren’t terrorists.


Like Gary Sethi said today: Why do I got a feeling there will be a backlash against ‪#‎Sikhs‬ due to these terror attacks. Sikhs are not Muslims & Muslims ain’t Isis. Isis does not represent Islam. The same way the KKK doesn’t represent Christianity.

What I want to ask everyone who chose to filter their profile pictures to the French flag, do you think those who got shot and died can see that you’re standing with them right now? Can the families of those lost lives see that you’re thinking of them?

Social media has turned into this emotional and physiological game and everyone’s feeding into it without even realizing it.

Mark Zuckerberg posted on his Facebook that: Many people have rightfully asked why we turned on Safety Check for Paris but not for bombings in Beirut and other places.

Until yesterday, our policy was only to activate Safety Check for natural disasters. We just changed this and now plan to activate Safety Check for more human disasters going forward as well.

Here’s more detail on Safety Check and our policy for deploying it from the Facebook Safety page:


Thank you to everyone who has reached out with questions and concerns about this. You are right that there are many other important conflicts in the world.

We care about all people equally, and we will work hard to help people suffering in as many of these situations as we can.

So when Rakan died in a car accident, how was he going to do a Safety Check? When Julz left us, were we going to get a Facebook notification?

What’s happening in Gaza, Syria, Beirut, Afghanistan, Iraq, Iran, Pakistan etc has become a daily thing for them. It’s become part of their lives. Part of their unfortunate upbringing. It’s become their reality.

I know of someone who lived through the Revolution in Egypt. Told me that: I was many times in cross fires during our revolution, I almost died several several times, even my brother, and I even died right next to each other once.

That has become their reality. A reality which is unnatural and barbaric. A reality that no one should have to live through.

I’ve been reading Redeployment by Phil Klay and oddly, somehow, I am suddenly surrounded by military folks and my understanding of what they speak about and what they go through has become even clearer.

So here I am – In a cross fire between understanding civilians reacting the way they do, military folk thinking the way they do. How uneducated, ignorant people are lashing out at one, just ONE religion – them forgetting what Modi‘s been up to. Forgetting who the shootouts at schools, churches and cinema’s constructed by.

The MAIN question is, how can YOU change it? What are YOU doing to tell these ignorant folk the difference between an extremist and a normal human being?

Someone posted on my Facebook: Unfortunately … here in Europe you’re scared to tell the folks you’ve muslim friends … gosh … life changed … became so difficult … why are so less willing to realize that we all are human beings unsure emoticon and we all have the same heartbeat!

This is someone I adore and I’m still a little dumbstruck by her comment.

Do you see what I mean by it starts with you?

Show kindness to all. Spread love as much as you can. Volunteer in places that need your help. BE HUMAN!

I am Muslim. I’m not ashamed of it. I love my Arabian/Persian name. I love the sound of the Aadhan. I may not pray 5 times a day, I may not cover my hair, I may not do a lot of things “Muslim’s” do, but that doesn’t make me any less Muslim. My heart is pure, clean and filled with love for those who show me the same compassion.

I feel sad and pity for those who do not understand what ISIS, ISIL, Al Qaeeda, Al Shabab, Taliban and every other terrorist group in the world is trying to do and how they are winning by YOU giving in to their bullshit.

I feel honored and happy when my friends from all walks of life stand up for humanity because they KNOW, they understand, are educated and realize that terrorism has no religion – their only religion is violence – and violence is a human trait – not a religious one. I’ve said this before, every single religious book that you open and read, all preach peace and happiness.

I feel empathy and sadness for the lives lost on Friday night in Paris. I feel hurt for the ongoing wars in Syria, Iraq etc. I feel horrible for what they have to witness every single day. I feel sick for the man who lost his life by a hit and run. I feel worse for the couple who lost their baby before she was born. I feel for the men and women who couldn’t take life’s shit anymore and decided that not living at all was a better option. I feel for all lives lost in unnatural ways.

Say a prayer for your loved ones now and every time you think of them. Tell those you love that you love them – or at least show them that you do, as much as you can.

Life is unpredictable and short, we all know we’re gonna go one day, just when and how is what makes it even less acceptable.

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