Giving & Receiving

All I have been telling myself all this time is that I need to write! I need to write! I NEED TO WRITE!

Life has literally been a roller coaster for the last 2 weeks and things are slowly starting to calm down.

Human beings, human ideas, human perceptions, human values… What we as human beings think and do is close to if not literally mind blowing!

It’s interesting and at the same time mind-boggling!

Mans eye looking through a blured keyhole

I’m that girl at the club or bar, who will sit in a corner and just people watch. Not judge, but watch peoples behavior and watch situations unfold and yadi yadi yada. It fascinates me!

And it’s even more interesting when you sit and people watch people you’re surrounded by.

Gossip, hate, love, trust, expectations, perception. How every single individual operates and where their mind is at is so intriguing.

You can so EASILY get caught in peoples MESS and not even realize when or how you got there!

Detaching yourself from the situation and not taking sides is the only way you would survive in such a scenario.

giving-recieving1I’m all about LIVE AND LET LIVE. Not everyone will think like you and have the same values and beliefs as you AND THAT’S FINE! You, however, need to step back, LET IT GO AND LET IT BE and RESPECT that!

Yes and sure, you are absolutely allowed to and have every right to have freedom of speech and freedom to give your opinion… (Whether someone asked for it or not is another story) BUT! If you KNOW you’re crossing the line and you KNOW this is going to offend someone… Step back my friend. Be a little human and look at the bigger picture.

We all have our own perceptions of people and life. How things should be and shouldn’t be. What’s right and what’s wrong. No one can change that. It is what it is. But that doesn’t mean you go and step on somebody’s toes.

Being judgmental says so much more about you than it does about the person being judged. It’s a reflection of who YOU are and how you feel and how you operate.

This Universe, Karma… Is so real. So real that it will come back and get you if you’re not careful with the way you operate my friend.

give1How you speak to people, how you interact with the less fortunate, how you treat fellow human beings… It comes back to you.

Here’s some free advice… It may take weeks, months or even years… But it ALWAYS comes back around.

Give love, receive love.

Give hate, receive hate.

The choice is yours!

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