It’s Your Energy

I was the kind of person who would never be able to say NO.

Hey, let’s meet for coffee. Let’s meet for lunch. Let’s go out tonight. And I just would never say NO. Even if I DIDN’T want to meet for coffee or lunch or to go out that night. I would still give my energy away to something I had no interest in.

I would feel SO GUILTY if I said no, thinking, this person is gonna be disappointed and upset with me.

And I know I’m not the only one who’s been through this and felt this way. I’m 100% sure at some point in your life you felt the exact same way!

But you reach a point in life where it just doesn’t mater anymore.

Things happen, you go through phases, you go through shit, you grow, you get wiser and you learn that your energy and your values are SO important!

I’ve known a friend for over 2 years now, we get along, no doubt. But all she ever does is talk about herself. I find that difficult, to always sit there and just listen and take in all her intense, crappy energy and feel so shit after meeting up with her. I would feel that she “needs” me in that sense. To talk to. And I could be that friend, who’s always there for her.

She’s just gotten back from Prague and asked me if I would be keen to meet for a coffee or something… And I haven’t even replied back to her. I don’t think I will either.

I’m just not in that place anymore where I can keep “wasting” my energy. I am preserving it for people I care about and that one important person… ME!

So the next time you feel guilty for turning down a meet up BECAUSE you don’t feel like it, DON’T. It’s your right. It’s your life. It’s your energy.

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