Dead End

What do you do when you reach a dead end?

I’ve had that moment happen to me many times in terms of friendships, relationships, career paths. And it’s so interesting to see how every time another dead end is right in front of me… A path suddenly opens up.

Cheesy! I know! But listen… It’s actually that good and that simple.

One of my main dead ends usually happens with career paths. I will have reached to the highest point. After this, there’s nothing like a promotion, only to be shifted to another department and so on and so forth. Basically, that’s it. After here, there’s nowhere to go.

But guess what? There’s always somewhere to go. All you need to do is create new goals and new missions. And once you meet those goals and finish those missions, then create new ones. And the cycle goes on.

Whether it means breaking through that wall, jumping over it or taking the long way around it. That path is yours and will forever be yours. You do what you gotta do to keeping moving forward.

And while you’re at it… Don’t forget to stop, breathe, and check out the awesome scenery… That we call life.

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