Maybe I’m Finally Moving On

Those close to me know my obsession with dates. I remember things from years ago to the time and place! Let alone date (ok, only sometimes).

It only just hit me a few hours ago that my flight from Cape Town to Johannesburg was exactly a month ago. How time flies! Beautiful memories were made and it’s a place I will forever love and cherish.

Last night something odd happened. I met someone who works with the UN and told me his story about how he was sent on field to Mogadishu. Stayed there for 6 months, his team got attacked. Lost 3 colleagues and was called back to the Nairobi base in August 2013. Only for the Westgate attack to happen a month later, where he had a friend at the mall and instinctively ran to the mall. He too, thought it was a bank robbery only to find bloody people running out of the mall telling him it’s a terrorist attack.

Just a little before midnight I received an e-mail from a lady in New York looking for some information and a message to pass on to a family who lost a victim at Westgate – she got my contacts after reading my blog post about the incident.

And it’s only JUST hit me that today’s the 21st of June. Today is a year and 9 months since the attack.

It’s funny because I stopped counting. I stopped relating the 21st of any month to Westgate.

Sure the two incident’s within hours last night is a little bizarre but it’s probably the universe doing a healing thing in its own way?

I don’t know.

I just feel glad that my 21st is now something more pleasant and beautiful for when I look back at the date. I also feel great because it shows that I seem to be moving on.

I still get flashbacks, I still get scared from loud noises, especially at a mall.

But more importantly, I try not to bring it up in conversation especially with people I’ve just met. Like this guy last night. I didn’t even bring up my story when he brought up his. Not because I’m afraid of talking about it, or that it bothers me… but just because I didn’t want to. It’s something that happened and will always be part of me. But I don’t NEED to share it if I don’t want to.

I’m no longer stuck in the story… And maybe that’s how I’ve realized that I am finally moving on 🙂

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