Did GoT Just Turn To Reality?

My life this entire week has literally been Game of Thrones (GoT).

Sure, I watch TV but I don’t sit down and literally FOLLOW a series. If I’m bored and have nothing to do and something’s on tele, I will sit down and watch it. But not in such a dedicated manor that I CANNOT wait for the next episode.

Because of the kind of work I had been doing at Radio Africa, my life really wasn’t about TV series. The only one I remember watching, in that time, was Suits. And I didn’t even finish watching season 2 or even begin season 3.

My friend Kathi gave me Season 1 of Game of Thrones in April 2014. Now that I have some time on my hands, I started watching it at 10PM, Monday, 13th April 2015. I am now at Season 4 about to begin Episode 6 and it’s just after 11PM on Sunday, 19th April 2015. Too much time on my hands or just that addictive?

If you know the characters and all, then maybe you will understand what I am about to say.

Rob Stark wanted to bring his sisters back and take the throne. His mum just wanted her daughters back and go back to Winterfell. His sisters, Arya, away from home and Sanza no longer engaged to, the now dead, King Geoffrey. Jon Snow, an illegitimate child of Eddard Stark fighting the Wildlings and White Walkers and Brandon and the younger brother away as well.

Note, how this one family, all away from each other are fighting their own battles.

Most of these named characters are now dead (I’m sorry if I just spoiled this for you and you’ve just started watching GoT!). Leaving Sanza, Arya, Bran, Jon and the younger one.

My question is, WHAT ARE THEY FIGHTING FOR NOW? Not the throne surely! But to be with each other one day?

They are fighting “demons”. Different sort of demons in human forms and going through challenges in different parts of the Kingdom.

So here is where we go deep.

Let’s talk about reality. About real life. About YOU right now.

EVERYDAY, we’re fighting our very own demons.

Your demon could be your boss, a horrid work mate, a class mate, a room mate, your parents, your children, you siblings, financial issue, not being able to find a job, not being able to love yourself for who you are and what you are, your gym instructor. It could be ANYTHING and ANYONE. But there’s a constant battle. A constant throne that you want to get to. That throne is your goal(s).

But here’s the fun bit. Your goals can change. Circumstances change goals. Or time changes goals.

Never feel because your life is a certain way right now, you won’t meet your goal. Higher chances are your goals will change. Which will change you.

And if you feel that currently you have no goals, don’t worry. Life is twisted enough to create one for you eventually.

Just like every character in Game of Thrones. Circumstance keeps changing their mission.

Also, I may be high on watching too much of GoT, so I REALLY hope this post makes sense!


Feel free to leave your thoughts and comments and do share this post too 🙂

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