It’s All About The Journey 

We make a lot of our decisions based on feelings, emotions. People take risks generally, some take calculated ones.

Some think from their minds, some their hearts.

The tackle between the heart and mind is always tricky. I may have mentioned the same in my previous post too.

My point is, when we make decisions, in that moment it’s exactly what we want and need and feel is absolutely right. If you get to a point in life, a week after, two weeks after, a year later, and look back and wish you hadn’t made that decision…

STOP YOURSELF. That’s called a regret. 


Don’t regret decisions you make based on temporary feelings and emotions. I know, people say don’t make decisions based on temporary feelings, but sometimes those feelings can be overwhelming and can take over your heart and mind.

Don’t regret decisions you make in the moment. It’s all about the journey and experiences it brings to is.

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