Kicked In The Gutt

Very often I will find myself in a situation where I will help someone by looking out for them or giving them a platform to start off with, because I am lucky enough to have those sort of connections.

Only to get kicked in the gutt for it and lose these people from my life altogether.

I guess I could count the number of times this has happened, but the question is, should I stop?

2 thoughts on “Kicked In The Gutt

  1. No. It’s when kind giving hearts like you change because of that kind of people that they win. Do not punish yourself for being compassionate and for caring, ever. The ones who manipulated you should be ashamed and question themselves for using those qualities to serve their selfish ends, not you!
    But what you could do because you have “those sort of connections”, it’s to undo what they only could do thanks to your help. Claim back your connections and take back your favours, see how those opportunistic hypocrites do when known for who they really are, and no longer endorsed by the respectable people they fool. Block the ways and close the doors you once opened for them. Because by making sure they don’t get away with it you’re showing them to not confuse kindness with weakness, you’re sending a signal to potential other vultures to not even try using you, and you might inspire someone who is having doubt about them to be cautious, therefore preventing other kind souls like you from being (ab)used and manipulated.
    Stand up for yourself, speak the truth, keep being proud of the good reliable trustworthy helpful person you strive to be.
    If who you regret losing are those who used you, please don’t, believe me: they knew exactly what they were doing. To disappear was the only favour they made you, so you’re not tempted to help them again. Keep around only those who appreciate you for who you are, not what you can do for them.
    I apologise for the rant, I don’t know you, I came across your blog randomly a while ago, and I liked your intelligent sensitive insights. I have met those people too and can relate to your confusion and hurt.
    Simply be more wary and cautious of who you help next time, but no need to change, the world needs kind hearts to be a beautiful place.

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