Make It Happen

We’re 2 and a half months into 2015!

Have you still stuck to your New Year Resolutions?

What have you achieved this year so far?

What changes have you made?

Everyone starts the New Year with the same tone every single year – This year is going to be different; amazing; THE YEAR!

Not realizing that everyday is a NEW day and you can start making changes whenever YOU want to! But I supposed because it’s a New “Year” we want to start a brand new chapter.

The problem with that though is, we fall into this perception of how the year should be or how you would want it to be but then, you slowly start getting back into routine, how things have been day in day out, just like the year before.

Some do stick to their resolutions and make it happen, others will be at it for a couple of months or even weeks and fall back into their usual cycle.

I urge you to make things happen for you! It’s now or never. Don’t postpone it to tomorrow or next week or next month. We’re gonna be at the end of the year so fast, that you’re gonna look back at 2015 and wonder why or how things didn’t happen while you sat there thinking “this is going to be my year!”

9 and a half months to go… There’s still time for 2015 to be THE YEAR for you!

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