Because Everyone Is Different

Every single human being is an individual. Every single human being is unique.

Siblings come from the same folks and end up being two completely different individuals.

Everyone’s life is different. Everyone’s experiences are different.

People who are in the same room will see and hear completely different things.

No matter what happens, everyone experiences different things even when in the same situation.

Now having said that, when someone older than you has gone through an experience that you’re probably going through now, starts to mold you and tell you how things will “eventually” turn out to be… Please shut them up.

His/her experience is their own and you, without a doubt, want to get out there and do it, even if he/she comes back with an “I told you so” when things don’t work out.

Let it be your experience. Your opportunities.

This is your life. Your choices. Your consequences.

Do what you want and what makes you happy.

What didn’t work for someone else doesn’t mean it won’t work for you. In fact, it may just so PERFECTLY work out for you!

Because everyone is different.

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