Express Yourself

And no… I do not mean the DIPLO way!

It’s something Ian Isherwood and I had talked about a while ago. When two people like each other, why do they have to go ahead and complicate shit? Why can’t they just SAY I like you and flipping be together?

I see it happen way too often with loads of friends and won’t deny that I have too, caught myself in such situations.

I heard it on #TheD on Kiss 100 a few weeks ago as well. Lynda, Jeff and Chip were talking about a “situationship” where two people text, and call and do and say stuff “couple” like. But the minute the lady in this “situationship” brings up “so… what exactly are we doing?”, the guy bolts!

It’s a fact and something perhaps needs a lot of research on and insight from people who’ve been in relationships to understand why that happens… Or what exactly it is a man is looking for.

And if he isn’t looking for anything to begin with, why on Earth would you drag the “situationship” on leading to feelings and heart breaks in the end?

I just reckon people need to express themselves more and better. There’s always value in situations where when one does not express themselves too… It puts you in a place of thought and where you perhaps need to start thinking about yourself and how this is going to serve you.

Gosh… I say this time and time again… If you like someone, flipping go and tell them! The worst thing that’s gonna happen is you getting rejected. If you step into that situation KNOWING that’s the worst that could happen, then sweetheart… You have absolutely nothing to lose.

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