The Shift

I keep talking about a shift. Everyone keeps saying oh it’s the moon or it’s some universal thing. Some planet’s in front of the other yadi yadi yada.

I’m not saying that it can’t be – it possibly is. If you read my blogs or know me personally, you know my semi-hippiness and that I believe in crystals, and astrology and the whole Big Bang Theory.

Though, there’s still something ASIDE all that I’ve mentioned so far and I need to put a finger on it!

I’m not the only person who’s saying this. A lot of people in their 20’s have so far told me “I’m tired”, “I don’t want to work 8-5”, “I don’t want this”, “I don’t want that”. Basically, there’s been an awakening and I can feel it, see it, sense it.

The issue isn’t even about being in that state… But how do get out of it.

It’s one of those things that you see… Like it’s RIGHT THERE but it isn’t tangible. And the whole point is to MAKE IT TANGIBLE.

I’d love to know if you’re going through something similar or know someone who is. I will post something again when I have figured out this shift.

One thought on “The Shift

  1. Part of it has to do with what’s happened to work itself. The corporations, especially, have taken all the elements of creativity and interplay (including playfulness) out of the workplace. Real work is quite different from a boring job. Even repetitive tasks can be delightful … just look at the work circles in primitive cultures and the songs and storytelling that go with them.
    Yes, I agree a shift is in the air. A new economy is emerging.

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