Take A Break, To Be Awake

You need a break!

Seriously, I mean it. Hence we ALL get the weekends!

Kids get mid-term breaks from school and then they get the longer ones between semesters.

Those who work, get 21 days of leave a year, most weekends and bank holiday’s.

We all need a break.

A break from the routine. A break from the hustling. A break from the same people every. single. day! A break to be able to revive ourselves and to re-energize.

I was away from work for a total of 15 days! I love my job. But it was nice to get a break. Just away from the routine of an 8-5 and the same thing every single day.

Usually, when on leave, I get out of Nairobi. Even if it’s for a day or two. But I would always get out of Nairobi. I didn’t this time round.

Firstly, I couldn’t afford to. Secondly, I needed that. To be able to be content within my limits and boundaries without going insane.

The first few days drove me bonkers. I suddenly had nothing to do. I went offline for the time I was on leave and no one to be around. It was literally Me, Myself and I… And it was the best leave I have had ever since I started working!

I discovered so much about myself. I started exploring in the kitchen. Cooking and baking. Cleaned up the house. Sorted my junk out. Went on a cleaning diet. Did yoga. Met up with friends. Walked around town.

I did stuff that I wouldn’t normally get to do when sitting at my desk 8-5 or browsing through social media every few minutes. It was refreshing. Calming. Fun. I loved it.What I basically learnt from this leave was… You need to give yourself time. Everyday. Even if it’s for half an hour. You need to take care of yourself. You have to watch what you eat. You need to drink loads and loads of water. You need to know who you want to surround yourself with. You should know your abilities. Your strengths. Your weaknesses. What and who pisses you off/makes you happy. You need to know yourself better than anyone else.Just take a break from the usual hustle and bustle and you’ll be able to center yourself and figure out what it is that you really want.

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