Your Nothing

Sometimes I think the empty feeling is you,

You who should be with me.

The feeling of being a solo soul,

Looking for a connection with a higher power.


Maybe the emptiness is a void that needs to be filled,

That’s why I crave for adrenaline.

To give me reason to remember that I’m breathing,

And not just living to exist.


I thought life was about telling people how they feel,

Not cramp it up in your heart and mind and let it burn you.

In an age where you can only express yourself online,

And hope that you’ll be stalking my profile for a hint.


Then I realize – Real eyes – Realise – Real lies

That things are the way they are,

Because that’s the way it’s supposed to be.

You don’t belong to me.


Done with the false hopes, the lies, the surrealness,

Learn to be true to yourself,

Before you can embrace someone else,

I am not a piece of trash.


I am not your tool. I am not your backup.

I am your nothing. Always was, forever will be.

Your nothing.

So leave me in peace and let things be.


I’m not big on poetry but sometimes some songs have a weird effect on me. This piece was inspired by this track. Enjoy the song and hit that Like button if you liked this poem 🙂

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