The Break-Point


That’s how I feel blank. Emotionless. Numb. If I’m in a mood, I don’t even know I am until someone points it out. I go quiet. Literally feel like I’m a zombie.

Things however just seem to be flowing. At work. At home. With friends. The constant of moving forward is still there.

But the urge to be around nature is more. Craving for taking my shoes and socks off and just laying the grass seems more important than anything.

Someone mentioned to me that we go through 2 phases which are always constant. It can happen every few months or every few years. Where you just snap out or into something. Eg. If you’re a fitness junky, you’ll be in routine for a couple of months or say 2 years. You’ll hit a point where you’ll start binging, drinking, partying, smoking etc. And then the shift happens again. The switch is turned on and you’re back to the fitness junky because you’ve either put on weight or you’re super unfit and unhealthy.

That switch I believe is where I am at once again. But turns out I’m not the only one.

If you are spiritual, a little bit of a hippie. Believe in astrology or a natures freak, then you’ll understand the Cardinal Grand Crossing.

Sandi, my friend in the UK and I kinda keep tabs on each other via Twitter.

I sensed a shift within myself. But couldn’t understand what it is. Sandi saw that tweet and told me all about the Cardinal Grand Crossing.

You may believe this or not but I believe it and hence this post.

I believe a lot of stuff plays a roll. The planets, the moon, the sun, the stars. Peoples energies around. Your energy.

“Life is not happening to you… Life is responding to you”

If you’ve watched The Secret or know stuff about The Law of Attraction, then you get my drift.

10309490_706661869390961_4889692625092373656_nWe live in a day and age where technology and science rules the world. We get so caught up in it that we break at some point and crave for a release. And that’s when you find yourself doing things you never thought you would be doing. Like Climbing Mount Everest. Or White Water Rafting or even Bungee Jumping. Basically, you start doing extreme stuff just to make you feel alive. That is the Universe detaching you from a world that has become so pretentious and “unreal”.

This is just stuff that I have been observing and feeling and thought I’d share it with you. If Sandi, who’s sitting in the UK, and I, who’s in Kenya felt the same thing and believe the same thing… I’m sure there are more people out there who’re experiencing the same thing as well.

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