The Escape

It’s an open sky,

It’s oh so wide.

The ocean seems endless,

Looks like a drop beyond the horizons.


Look at the stars,

They’re dancing along to your song.

Look at the moon,

It feels like that’s your destination.


Feel the sand at your feet,

Funny how it makes your smile even more deep.

Can you feel the breeze?

It’s a whisper from the angels that there is hope.


Can you hear the music?

The birds chirping,

The ocean howling,

Your heart beating.


Do you feel like you need to escape?

Just sit by the beach,

Let the sun caress your skin,

And let the world be.


Are you lacking that motivation?

The inspiration?

To be bigger and greater than you are?

Like nothing really matters anymore.


Have you reached your final destination?

Is it the moon?

Is it at your feet?

Or is it beyond the horizons?

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